September 13, 2017


Stone Sour Show Off Their Stripper Dance Moves in 'Rose Red Violent Blue' Video: Watch

Stone Sour take over a sleazy strip club in their video for "Rose Red Violent Blue (This Song Is Dumb and So Am I)." But it's not what you'd expect from the rockers!

Directed by Ryan Valdez, the wacky but kind of sexy video shows members Corey Taylor, Josh Rand, Roy Mayorga, Johny Chow and Christian Martucci taking their spin on the stripper pole. It's fun to see the guys primp up in the dressing room prior to the big show and show off their best dance moves as they get showered in dollar bills. Members of Steel Panther also make an appearance on the stage. And how about those sexy leather outfits! "Rose Red Violent Blue" is the latest from Stone Sour's Hydrograd album (released on June 30). Other singles include "Fabuless", "Song #3", "Taipei Person/Allah Tea" and "Mercy"

When they're not twerking it on the pole, Stone Sour are prepping to hit the road with their fall headlining tour, which kicks off on Sept. 24. The band will be joined by a handful of special guests—Steel Panther, Beartooth, Man With A Mission and Cherry Bombs—on various dates. Next, watch Corey Taylor tell Fuse about the comic he wrote in tandem with Stone Sour's two-part record back in 2013: