Remember This Tinder Couple's Viral Kidney-Match Video? Now See the Rest of Their Story

Update: Watch Alana and Lori's Bean documentary in full here now!

Back in November 2015, Lori Interlicchio surprised her girlfriend, Alana Duran, with the ultimate birthday present—test results green-lighting her kidney donation to Duran, who has Lupus and had been stuck on New York's kidney transplant list for years.

Despite having met on Tinder just a couple months prior, Interlicchio went through all the necessary tests to determine if she and Duran matched. Hiding her test results at the bottom of a giant box of birthday goodies, she recorded Duran's emotional reaction to the news. Racking up hundreds of thousands of YouTube views, the video made headlines worldwide and had everyone wondering how the pair's remarkable story would unfold.