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37 New Lyrics for When You're Feeling Your Self-ie

It's only a savage selfie if it has a savage caption. Dope lyrics from Demi Lovato, Kygo, Halsey and more are guaranteed to finish off your Instagram post right. Enjoy the new tunes, too

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Taylor Swift, "Gorgeous"

"You make me so happy, it turns back to sad"

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​Phoebe Ryan, "James Has Changed"

"Sometimes the wrong ones are just what you need"

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​Kygo, Oliver Nelson & Bonnie McKee, "Riding Shotgun"

"I love you more than money. Love you more than dope"

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​Clean Bandit & Julia Michaels, "I Miss You"

"Wishin' that I was your bottle
So I could be close to your lips again"

5 / 37

​Maroon 5 & Julia Michaels, "Help Me Out"

"I'm getting kinda over this. I need a metamorphosis."

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​Fedde Le Grand, "Wonder Years"

"We might not have many riches but we're alive
Smiling through the tears and giving cheers
These are the wonder years"

7 / 37

​Jessie J, “Not My Ex”

“It won't be easy, but I'm down for the ride”

8 / 37

Charlie Puth, "How Long"

"Can't you play my head and not my heart?"

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​Alesso & Anitta, “Is That for Me (ft. Anitta)”

“Ready know you want it
Know you wanna take all my time
But you can't be stingy"

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​Kris Wu & Travis Scott, "Deserve"

"Baby, you a star and all these others girls is extras"

11 / 37

​Rita Ora, "Anywhere"

 "Truth comes out when we're blacking out."

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TOKiMONSTA & IO Echo, "Estrange"

"Moving forward in a silent high"

13 / 37

​Sophie, "It's Okay to Cry"

"I hope you don't take this the wrong way
But I think your inside is your best side."

14 / 37

​Big Sean & Metro Boomin, “Pull Up N Wreck”

"Honestly, I'm over her and her lies
Cartier over my eyes while I analyze"

15 / 37

​Paloma Faith, "Guilty"

"Baby I'm guilty
Of turning sweet love into poison"

16 / 37

Lizzo, "Truth Hurts"

"Why men great 'til they gotta be great?"

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Kygo & Justin Jesso, "Stargrazing"

"Stars don't disappear, they keep blazin'
Even when the night is over
I will still be here"

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Demi Lovato, "Daddy Issues"

"You're unavailable
I'm insatiable"

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Sam Smith, "Too Good at Goodbyes"

"I'm never gonna let you close to me
Even though you mean the most to me"

20 / 37

Eden Prince & Cassie, "Obvious"

"Did I make it obvious?
Did I make it clear?
Did I show you feelings that you never thought were real?"

21 / 37

Hailee Steinfeld & Alesso, "Let Me Go (feat. Florida Georgia Line & Watt)"

"You made plans and I made problems"

22 / 37

Phoebe Ryan, "Be Real"

"I got a different vibe like every second
It's like constantly I'm second guessing"

23 / 37

​U2, "You're the Best Thing About Me"

"You're the best thing about me
I'm the kind of trouble that you enjoy"

24 / 37

​Jhené Aiko & Big Sean, "Moments"

“Cause baby, in a world full of cancer
Where everyone needs a ransom
My mama said, 'Love is the answer'"

25 / 37

​Syd, "Moving Mountains"

"You don't appreciate a thing, babe
Got me out here lookin' crazy"

26 / 37

​PartyNextDoor & Halsey, “Damage”

"Do I gotta chase you every summer?
Do I have to replace you every summer?
You're the only woman on my mind
You're the only way I spend my time"

27 / 37

Nadine, "Go to Work"

Why don’t you go to work?
Do your nine to five, gotta treat me right
You need to earn your stripes.
Why don’t you do your thing, bring the money home just like mama done?
Why don’t you go to work?"

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​A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie & 21 Savage, “Undefeated"

"I think it's catching up to me
Nobody's catching up to me
I'm like, 'Can I get some company?'
I'm like, 'Damn I'm really undefeated'"

29 / 37

​Paloma Faith, "Crybaby"

"It's okay to be a little broken and beat"

30 / 37

​Tory Lanez, "Skrt Skrt"

"Cuz I like freaking
You like sex on the weekend
Me too me too
Cuz I like drinking
You looking at me winking
Me to me too"

31 / 37

Blake Shelton, "I'll Name the Dogs"

"You find the spot and I'll find the money
You be the pretty and I'll be the funny"

32 / 37

Hailee Steinfeld & Alesso, "Let Me Go (feat. Florida Georgia Line & Watt)"

"I wished you had hurt me harder than I hurt you"

33 / 37

​Jhené Aiko & Brandy, "Ascension"

"What do you do it for?
What are you running for?
What are you running towards?
What are you trying to prove?
What do you got to lose?
What is the path you choose?"

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​Demi Lovato, "You Don't Do It for Me Anymore"

"I see the future without you"

35 / 37

TOKiMONSTA & IO Echo, "Estrange"

"Such a brilliant future
We've had without us"

36 / 37

Paloma Faith, "Crybaby"

"A real man shows his feelings
Tears they can be healing"

37 / 37

Hailee Steinfeld & Alesso, "Let Me Go (feat. Florida Georgia Line & Watt)"

"Picket white fence, but we paint it black"

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