October 13, 2017


Cheat Codes & Fetty Wap Craft Nostalgic Pop Jam With 'Feels Great': Listen

This summer, Cheat Codes officially made their mainstream mark with their Demi Lovato collaboration "No Promises," as EDM-pop jam that continues to rise on radio and getting an awesomely acoustic rework on Demi's new album. But the DJ trio aren't slowing down with a superbly fun new single that features yet another chart-topping artist.

Take a listen to "Feels Great" that sees a spritely, euphoric-pop beat back Fetty's nostalgic and clever lines about youth. Look out for fun shoutouts to millennials as well as lyrics that hit all the feels to get you reflecting back to your middle and high school days: "Now I miss the view from the floor of your room / September came way too soon / Do you remember how it feels to be young? / It feels great, motherfucker, yeah." Listen and watch via its official lyric video.

It's not clear if "Feels Great" and "No Promises" are part of an upcoming album from Cheat Codes, but we're certainly keen to hear more especially as their collaborations continue to hit at this caliber.

While we wait for Cheat Codes' next move, watch the guys talk binge-watching, travel, Demi and more during a game of Emoji Tower with Fuse at Lollapalooza