October 30, 2017


DAY6 Bring a Refreshingly Unique K-Pop Experience for New York Concert Debut

Johnny J Jones
Johnny J Jones

DAY6 is more of a rock band than K-pop boy band, The Town Hall is more of a stage theater than rock venue. And the outfit's debut solo NYC show was promoted as a "live and meet" fan experience than traditional concert. Yet all these unique elements certainly didn't make for any less of a show—which anyone could tell from the fan screams that rivaled any other K-pop concert.

Instead, DAY6 brought the audience a refreshingly unique experience that started from the moment the guys walked on stage. Instead of a dramatically drawn-out, hyped-up entrance, the members casually walked on stage when a video screen announced their names one by one. They setlist kicked off with an energetic rendition of "I Wait," eliciting ear-splitting screams like the biggest of boy bands with the energy continuing throughout the set. 

The energy was particularly high as the members read English-written questions during a Q&A session, all of which felt disappointingly short given how multidimensional and fun the members' personalities are known to be. But the band continued to deliver a seamless, well-oiled show that made good on their promise as full-fledged instrumentalists and singers. Other standouts from the set included spirited versions of "Congratulations," and "Letting Go," the latter of which drew some of the loudest fanchants of the night.

After a short break that could have been teased out to create the illusion of a well-deserved encore, the concert ended on an extremely high note with DAY6's lead guitarist Jae ending the performance by running into Town Hall's aisles and jumping on arm rests—all things most male K-pop singers wouldn't be able to successfully pull off without being mobbed by fans. Yet even with the overwhelming screaming and squealing, DAY6 delivered a unique kind of K-pop concert where, for some reason, the over-the-top antics and reactions that would see a singer be suffocated by supporters wasn't a concern. It all makes DAY6's future prospects in America all the more intriguing by offering a different type of show and experience for the increasingly competitive market.

Next, watch DAY6 discuss meeting their U.S. fans for the first time in the video interview below: