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10 of Desi Perkins' Most Stunning YouTube Beauty Tutorials

From a melting skull to a bold cut crease, here's a roundup of the beauty influencer's best makeup tutorials

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Pikachu Yellow Cut Crease With Bold Lip (July 2016)

This bold tutorial found Desi Perkins (who is in our Creators You Need To Know list as part of Fuse's Future Hispanic History Month) stepping outside of her comfort zone, as she doesn't play around with colors too often. But clearly she should do it more! The canary yellow eyes (or Pikachu, as she adorably refers to it as) paired with the coral lips made for such a fun summer vacation look.

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Rose Gold Cut Crease With Bold Lip (August 2016)

Desi is one of the most versatile beauty influencers in the YouTube community, and this tutorial showcased her ability to create a romantic look. This one would be perfect for a date night with your boo!

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Selena Quintanilla Makeup Transformation (September 2016)

The influencer, who is of Mexican descent, did a beautiful homage to the late Selena in her own special way. This makeup tutorial became a standout—not just because Desi incorporated some of MAC Cosmetics' Selena collaboration—but because she had such a deep connection with the Tejano icon.

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Glam To The Max (September 2016)

Desi often gets compared to Jennifer Lopez due to their glowy and gorgeous features. The girl loves her warm, bronze tones so she turned things up a notch for this recreation of the makeup look she wore when she actually met J. Lo!

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Melting Skull (October 2016)

Desi Perkins often expresses her love for Halloween—particularly the makeup—on social media, and she really got to flex her skills with this tutorial. But instead of doing the traditional skull, she added a twist by making part of her face look like it melted off. I mean, there's a reason why it has over 4 million views on YouTube!

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Chartreuse Smoky Eye With Metallic Lips (November 2016)

Sometimes you have to break out of your comfort zone and do something completely different, which is exactly what Desi did with this tutorial! She played around with bright colors and metallic lips, with the end result turning out to be editorial-ready. Someone get Vogue on the line! (Side note: if you're in need of some St. Patricks Day inspiration, this similar but more subdued tutorial will do just the trick)

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Gold Sparkle Halo Eye (May 2017)

This sparkly look showed off Desi's playful side! While it does incorporate glitter, the gold smoky eye paired with pinky-red lip still made it wearable but also appropriate for holiday parties.

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Seafoam Green Cut Crease (May 2017)

At first glance, this may seem like a simple glam makeup look. But once Desi bats her eyes you can see the fairy-like peek of seafoom green eyeshadow—which gives it even more dimension.

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DesiXKaty Dose Of Colors Collection Makeup Look (August 2017)

To celebrate the launch of the Desi x Katy collection that she did with her best friend Katy DeGroot (a.k.a. LustreLux) and Dose of Colors, Desi shared this very fierce tutorial. We were able to witness firsthand how the products apply while also be inspired to go a little bit bolder with our usual makeup choices.

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First Look At Fenty Beauty Galaxy Collection (October 2017)

Desi was one of the lucky few beauty YouTubers who got their hands on the new Fenty Beauty Galaxy collection. The look she created with the products made us even more excited to run to our nearest Sephora to purchase it! The pops of orange, green, metallic and pinky-peach was as intense as it was stunning.

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