October 26, 2017


Eminem's New Album May Be Titled 'Revival' and Coming Soon: Report

Theo Wargo/Getty Images
Theo Wargo/Getty Images

The release of Eminem's new album or single may be way closer than any of us realize if a slew of fan theories are correct.

Eminem's longtime manager and CEO of Def Jam Recordings Paul Rosenberg posted what initially looked like an ordinary photo on Instagram on Wednesday (Oct. 25), but a deeper look into things sent fans into a tizzy. While Rosenberg's holding up a physical copy of Yelawolf's upcoming album Trial by Fire, Reddit users took note of a huge, seemingly commonplace ad for the drug "Revival" covering the side of a city building. Yet there is no actual drug named Revival and the ad was apparently purchased by Interscope Records—Em's label—according to a listing on the Detroit Free Press. See below:

Longtime fans would know that the "E" on Revival being backwards is just like Eminem's official logo which was the first clue.

A deeper look at the website created for the drug says it treats "Atrox Rithimus," which isn't a real condition. Meanwhile, a large graphic says "Seize the moment" which many take as a reference to his 2003 single "Sing for the Moment." As well, a commercial for the drug has an actor saying phrases like "lose yourself" and "I won't waste my one shot," which all recall his 2002 single "Lose Yourself." 

Lastly, two disclaimer at the bottom of the page say "REVIVAL is a non-injectable medication given through the ear canal, and is not intended for anal use" (which is probably a crude way to say music) and "REVIVAL does not cause these side effects, but if you have them you should for sure seek medical attention, 'I need a doctor'" (an obvious reference to Em's 2011 collaboration with Dr. Dre and Skylar Grey). 

You can even call a number—1-833-2GET-REV—where a recorded message plays and a woman's voice declares "You only get one shot" over piano music that sounds a bit like the production to "I Need a Doctor."

So while we have zero confirmation that "Revival" has anything to do with Eminem, it's very possible it's the title of the album or a new single. Stay tuned to Fuse for more on this and while wait we for more, check out a classic interview clip of Em and his D12 crew coming to the Fuse studios: