October 2, 2017


Future Hispanic History Month: 6 Creators You Need to Know Now

#1Bethany Mota

Hometown: Merced County, California, U.S.

Why You Should Pay Attention: If you've been on YouTube this past decade, you've probably already been paying attention to Ms. Mota, one of the platform's most recognizable faces. The 21-year-old started her channel focused on fashion hauls as a way to cope and escape from bullying she experienced and what has since parlayed into nearly one billion YouTube views and more than 10 million subscribers. Mota, who is of Mexican and Portuguese descent, has always led her work with her signature upbeat and positive attitude, leading her partner with huge brands like Forever 21, J. C. Penny and even launching a clothing, perfume and accessories line at Aeropostale where she retains full creative control. While she's dipped into the music and entertainment world (recording singles and working as a reporter for Entertainment Tonight), but Mota is also using her platform for good while teaming up with National Bullying Prevention Month and being a brand ambassador for UNICEF, acting as a living example that things do get better and any bullying or hardship is temporary. Jeff Benjamin

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