October 10, 2017


GOT7 Find the Light in 'You Are': Watch the Uplifting Video

For their new EP 7 for 7GOT7 release an exciting body of work that feels apt for the cooling fall temperatures but also acts as a culmination of some of the boy band's best work.

Lead single "You Are" is brings a glitchy, electro-R&B sound to the band's emotive croons and forceful rapping for one of their most cohesive releases to date. The glitchy production recalls GOT7's most recent single "Never Ever" while the soaring chorus recalls the band's most uplifting and effortless choruses like in "Fly" and "A." Meanwhile, the melancholy-yet-hopeful feel of the track—where the guys describe feeling hopeless and worn out with a lover acting as the beautiful, clear sky they need—feels like an evolution of 2015's "If You Do."

The accompanying music video plays well with these different feels, set to different weather and natural backgrounds. The guys move from dark and overcast weather (including a particularly gorgeous shot of Jackson in a pet shop at night), to dancing on top of building in front of the sunrise until eventually bringing their signature stylish choreography to an open, green field with bright blue skies. All the while, the members carry around pendants with the number seven on them that all come together in a final scene.

Following their headlining performance at KCON 2017 Los Angeles and success with sub-units and solo releases, the new 7 for 7 EP feels like a significant release for the full GOT7 group coming back together and could mark a bigger-than-ever breakthrough moment for them. Fans are clearly responding well to its cool, electro-pop and R&B vibes with the album is currently No. 2 on U.S. iTunes Top Albums chart. Listen to it below via Apple Music:

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