October 17, 2017


Highlight Blend Tough Love With Feel-Good Music on 'Can Be Better': Watch

After re-establishing their place in the K-pop scene as a fun-loving, electro-pop superstars with deeper messages, Highlight delivers more of the good times with their new release.

Take a listen to "Can Be Better," the quintet's new single that continues the feel-good style of "Plz Don't Be Sad" and injects even more of the guys' energetic personalities and color. The mood is set from the beginning of the track as electric-guitar power chords mix with Yoseob's raspy-rock vocals before an irresistible dance break joins in on the fun with shout-along chants. Things only continue to progress from there as the song grows in its punchy, joyous sonic feeling.

Yet despite how happy the song sounds on the surface, "Can Be Better" is very similar to how "Plz Don't Be Sad" in how it approaches tough topics—this time focusing on self-love over romance—but brilliantly disguises them through upbeat pop jams.

The accompanying video stays more in the lighthearted realm too as the guys deal with an array of unfortunate situations—from dropping their cell phones in a grate to slipping on bottles of banana milk—all perhaps acting as a metaphor that they need to focus on themselves at the moment. Yet these scenes are juxtaposed by the guys dancing on a neon party bus, eating BBQ and partying in a laundromat, once again striking a fascinating balance between sentiments.

Highlight's new EP Celebrate also showcases different sides of the band. The guys move from the party-ready, house-inspired opening track "Celebrate" and tropical-leaning "Take on Me" and end the record with the moving R&B ballad "Who Am I" and soothing-yet-trappy "Love Like This." You can listen to the album via Apple Music below: