October 8, 2017


'The Walking Dead' & 'Fear The Walking Dead' Will Cross Over, & Other Wild Things Revealed at NY Comic Con 2017

The Walking Dead panel at New York Comic Con 2017 was the most anticipated event of the weekend, and Fuse was there to take in all the excitement! Last night, the cast and crew was on hand to share their thoughts on the Season 7 finale as well as debut a new teaser of Season 8 that will hold fans over until its premiere later this month.

Hosted by Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick, last night's panel featured some of the show's most beloved actors: Andrew Lincoln, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Melissa McBride, Austin Amelio, Katelyn Nacon, Tom Payne, Norman Reedus and Lennie James. Robert Kirkman (the creator of The Walking Dead comics), Gregory Nicotero (co-executive producer, special make-up effects supervisor, director) and other executive producers were also on hand to dive into the AMC horror series. They all dropped some pretty major revelations throughout the hour-long panel, and you know we had to round them all up for you! Keep reading to see all the wildest things we learned from TWD NYCC 2017 panel.

1. An epic preview: If you thought the Season 8 teaser that premiered at San Diego Comic-Con this summer was awesome, just wait until you see the new clip that was unveiled during NY Comic Con! This trailer was nothing short of badass and was filled with epic moments that made the audience scream with excitement. But the best part? Rick Grimes looking Negan dead in the eyes while saying, "I'm gonna kill you!"

2. Some healthy competition: The fandoms of TWD and Game of Thrones are probably some of the biggest in the TV world right now...but which one comes out on top? In the middle of the panel, Chris Hardwick made reference to the HBO hit and blurted out "Suck it, Game of Thrones!" Boom, roasted!

3. Wait, WHAT?: Robert Kirkman confirmed something that many fans have been waiting for: a TWD and Fear The Walking Dead crossover! “I’ll say this: There are two Walking Dead shows. One character is going to go from one show that I will not name and appear on another show that I will not name," he told the audience. Entertainment Weekly later confirmed the crossover will occur sometime next year, so get ready folks!

4. Paying homage: Another clip from the 100th episode (shown at the top of this article) was shared by Gregory Nicotero, which was a shot-for-shot recreation of a special scene that fans would immediately recognize. It is a remake of TWD's very first episode where Rick Grimes looks for gas, but this time his son Carl is at the forefront.

5. A fan favorite: Despite being a wicked villain, Negan is still loved by viewers—and he knows it! "He brings a certain humor...and a sexy ass," Jeffrey Dean Morgan said of his character.

6. Finally!: For everyone who has been waiting for Rick Grimes to finally make a plan, Season 8 will make you very happy. "It's taken Rick grimes 100 episode to come up with a good plan...this one is it," Andrew Lincoln said.

7. Getting erotic...maybe: When a fan asked about a certain fan theory where Jesus and Daryl hook up, Norman Reedus didn't fully shut down the idea! His response? "Never say never, it's the apocalypse!"

8. Character growth: Melissa McBride weighed in on Carol, explaining to the excited audience that her character is caring less and less about what everybody else thinks. And she'll be ready for war but will still be baking...something. Hm...

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