October 18, 2017


TIDAL X Brooklyn Benefit Concert: Vic Mensa, A$AP Ferg, Justine Skye & More On Their Charitable Efforts

Theo Wargo/Getty Images for TIDAL
Theo Wargo/Getty Images for TIDAL

The 3rd annual TIDAL X: Brooklyn concert took over the Barclays Center last night (Oct. 17) as various celebrities from all walks of the industry came together to help TIDAL and Bacardi support a great cause. 

While raising awareness and funds for those affected by natural disasters in Houston, Florida, Mexico and Puerto Rico, the concert was filled with impassioned energy as fan favorite artists performed their biggest hits. Fifth Harmony were in sync (while rocking bubblegum-pink latex) as they sung "Down," "Angel" and "He Like That." The Caribbean represented proudly with dancehall, soca and latin flavors as Kranium, Daddy Yankee, Luis Fonsi, Jennifer Lopez and Machel Montano ignited the stage. Joey Bada$$ provided uplifting vibes while Cardi B represented her hometown strongly and Jay-Z showed off his legendary status. But before the fun began, Fuse spoke to a few artists about their thoughts on the government's response to these relief efforts and the music world helping people in time of need.

Read what Vic MensaJadakiss, Princess Nokia and more had to share with us on the red carpet below.

On if the government can be doing more to help

A$AP Ferg: "I don’t want to get into too much about what the government is doing, but I know what the people are doing. It’s showing by the numbers what we can do. And we know we have the power. So we’re coming to the people’s aid."

Princess Nokia: "I don’t think there’s anything more that we should be doing, I think it’s what the administration and the president should be doing. We carry so much guilt that does not belong to us. So yes, certainly so."

Vic Mensa: "I think that on a macro level, we can show up to vote. Show up. Don’t get better, get better, and do better next time. Because a lot of people didn’t show up to vote and they’re mad about it. You don’t really have a right to be mad when you played a part in allowing it to happen."

Jadakiss: "Just getting the word out there and using your voice powerfully. It’s not always about finances, voices go a long way. So get your word out there effectively and quickly that these people need help."

On how the music industry has been doing to help out the countries in need

Princess Nokia: "I think camaraderie is great. I think it’s wonderful, especially in artistic industries. I’m kind of like the underground fish, like the rocker girl here. So it’s really an honor to have my art and my presence included in such large-scale events like this—which I’ve never done before. It’s really great to see humanitarian effort being created and pushed by wealthy people who really do care and want to utilize their resources to better help people."

A$AP Ferg: "I just think it’s a beautiful thing where we’re all able to come together for a cause like this and make something happen. A lot of people are just putting their money where their mouth is and I like that."

Mack Wilds: "It’s actually been a tremendous effort for everyone. To watch how people are banding together and creating our own change, because the change isn’t coming from other places. It’s an amazing thing to watch and something that’s inspiring."

Jadakiss: "The music community gets the most backlash for all of the bad stuff. But when things of this nature comes, we’re always on the front line to help support for the cause. Some things are always going to go unnoticed, but as a people we know that we show up when they call us in times of need."

Justine Skye: "I think we’re doing a great job, whether it’s sports or music or acting—if you’re in the entertainment industry at all. A lot of people have been stepping up and contributing to this cause."

On personal ways they’ve been charitable

Mack Wilds: "Aside from donating money and supplies, I’m thinking of putting a trip together to go down to some of these places and actually help. Put my hands on the ground and see the things that I can help with."

Vic Mensa: "We’ve been working closely with TIDAL to try to help aid the relief efforts. We did a series of concerts and pop-up shows, one in LA and New York. After we did those shows they sent like five planes full of supplies, and we’re just trying to keep it rolling to help people in need."

Jadakiss: "I’ve done numerous donations with TIDAL and Governor Cuomo. I’ve been doing things on a personal level besides big events like this."

Kranium: "Of course, my mother just asked me to pack a barrel and i helped to send some donations. It’s very touching because these are Caribbean islands where our friends are. I’m doing as much as I can and post stuff on my platform to tell people to go out and donate."

Justine Skye: "I’ve been giving everything I can that I’m not using to give back, and my friends and family have been as well. We’ve been shipping things to Houston and Puerto Rico. We’ve been looking for more places to send to, so if you guys tweet or DM me about any charities you may know that’ll be amazing!"

On self-care tips and advice to give to fans

Justine Skye: "I guess it’s a form of meditation where I go outside and get to be one with nature. Even though I live in the city and there’s a bunch of pollution, just being outside and actually getting the sun rays on your skin…it can brighten your day."

Princess Nokia: "I think that statement would be a little be redundant because those types of ideas might seem a little useless in terms of trauma and humanitarian crisis. But I’d say eternal optimism, prayer, meditation, positive reformation and community building. It’s so beautiful, even though the island is completely destroyed, you still find people dancing and singing in the street and trying to create parties with each other. And I think Boricua people, Caribbean people, we do the best with what we got. If you have a beer, a little bit of music and a chair, you’re fine."

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