October 30, 2017


Give All Your Likes to Twice's New 'Likey' Video & Album

With a string of sensationally catchy hit singles, Twice obviously knows how to craft a long-lasting hit in the increasingly competitive K-pop scene. But Twice may have outdone themselves with an instantly lovable new single in "Likey" and an impressive album featuring a fascinating concept and, impressively, much more songwriting from the band.

Check out lead single "Likey" that opens with a delicious synth-pop sound, before jumping into its addictively repetitive hook. Twice has always been known for their catchy earworms, but kicking off the song with Sana's sweet delivery of the "Me likey likey likey" hook feels like a stroke of bubblegum-pop genius. The song continues to add feel-good treats throughout the track as children cheering, trumpeting horns, old-school synthesizer samples join the girls.

The accompanying "Likey" video has a slew of bright and bold visuals with references to social media like tapping hearts on Instagram for a fresh take on something most see as very commonplace. Meanwhile, Twice also make some refreshing choices in the video in smaller units of the members delivering choreography making the all-group choreography all the more exciting.

"Likey" kicks off Twice's just released Twicetagram album, that stands out for its social-media theme and the fact that more members than ever contributed lyrics with members Jihyo, Chaeyoung, Nayeon, Dahyun and Jeongyeon all snagging writing credits on the 13-track LP. Twice previously told Fuse they were looking to flex their skills as songwriters on this album during an interview from the summer.

From the chant-heavy "FFW" to the subtle tropical-trap sound on "24/7" plus the uplifting dance track "Don't Give Up," there's loads of pop treats to enjoy on what may be Twice's biggest success in America so far as the album has already risen to the Top 10 of iTunes Top Albums chart. Listen to the record via Apple Music below:

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