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Voodoo 2017

The Most Delicious Food at Voodoo Festival 2017, Ranked

Aside from the music, people go to festivals for the food...right?! Here's our roundup of the tastiest treats New Orleans had to offer

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Rusty Pelican's Fried Oreos

Bianca Gracie for Fuse

You can't go wrong with fried oreos, which is a festival and carnival staple! These ones at Voodoo Music Festival 2017 were warmed at just the right temperature and the doughy crust didn't overpower the oreo itself. But they were very rich, so I definitely had to share.

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Frencheeze's Sliders

Bianca Gracie for Fuse

On first glance, these look like your average beef sliders right? WRONG! These bad boys had an unexpected Asian twist thanks to the addition of pickled onions, hoisin sauce and creamy sriracha. The flavorful combination of those flavors with the traditional American cheeseburger was beyond delicious. 

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Romega Taqueria's Chicken Mole & Pork Tacos

Bianca Gracie for Fuse

New Orleans' signature Cajun food is delicious, but I enjoyed taking a break from all of the heavier options to try out some Mexican-inspired fare. These tacos had the perfect balance of sweet and spicy flavors, and the meat was incredibly tender.

3 / 6

Dat Dog's Italian Sausage With Fries

Bianca Gracie for Fuse

Dat Dog had one of the longest lines throughout the entire festival weekend, and I got to experience what the hype was about! The Italian sausage with peppers and onions is a classic combination, which was done oh so right by the New Orleans food hot spot. To top it off, the cajun fries were perfectly crunchy.

2 / 6

Dat Dog's Veggie Dog With Frencheeze's Crawfish Mac & Cheese

Bianca Gracie for Fuse

Aside from seeing great acts, the benefits of working at a music festival is getting free food! Voodoo Fest provided tasty treats in the press lounge, and the above options were my favorite. This was my first time trying a veggie dog and it wasn't half bad! But the real star of the show was the crawfish macaroni and cheese. My tastebuds ascended to the heavens with every bite!

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Swamp Kitchen's Crawfish Etouffee

Bianca Gracie for Fuse

This photo may not be the most appeasing when compared to the others on this list, but judge not my friends! This classic southern dish was one of the best meals I had not only at Voodoo Festival, but throughout my entire weekend in New Orleans! The mix of the creamy sauce with the tender crawfish was out of this world, and my addition of hot sauce just put everything over the edge!

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