October 29, 2017


Foo Fighters Remain Rock Powerhouses At Voodoo Festival 2017

Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images
Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

Thank goodness for Foo Fighters, who somehow managed to warm up the entire audience during the unseasonably frigid second night of Voodoo Music Festival 2017 with an incredible headlining performance! 

"I know it's cold outside, but we're gonna warm your fucking ass up!" frontman Dave Grohl exclaimed to the audience. We might have been shivering with cold (and anticipation as well) prior to the guys jumping on the Altar stage. But once those intense guitar riffs hit the speakers, everyone ignited with tangible energy. The crowd was a mix of diehard fans and newer fans, which Grohl was quick to point out. He joked that if the band is going to fit in Voodoo Fest's 90-minute time frame (their concerts usually run for about three hours), then he can't talk or else "we'll be here all fucking night." The constant expletives and goofy personality was even more proof that Grohl is the coolest rock star dad around!

Foo Fighters ripped through their substantial collection of classic hits and new songs, opening up with the rowdy "The Pretender" as fans shouted every single world. They continued to perform fan favorites like "All My Life," "Learn To Fly," "Walk" and "Rope." A few songs from their new album Concrete Gold were also added to the mix, as "The Sky Is a Neighborhood" and "Run" jammed just as hard as the band's older singles.

What made they guys different from the other rock acts at Voodoo Fest is the way they manipulated their songs to make them sound different than what you would hear on their albums. They didn't just rush into the songs to get them over with. Instead, the band stretched them out with lengthy solos, wild jam sessions, slick call and responses with Grohl and playful melody changes. In the middle of their set, Foo Fighters called out a fan in the first row of the packed crowd whose sign caught Dave Grohl's attention. The frontman then proceeded to sing the band's signature tune "My Hero" directly to the young man's face. His tear-filled reaction made for an endearing moment. This was my first time seeing Foo Fighters live, and thanks to their Voodoo Festival performance I walked away with even more respect for the band.

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