The Killers Bring Their Glitzy Las Vegas Charm to Voodoo Festival 2017

The Killers continue to prove they are more than worthy of the headlining slot as they closed out Voodoo Music Festival 2017 just how rockstars should. Decked out in slick and well-tailored suits like the true Las Vegas boys they are, the band transformed the New Orleans grounds into their own dance party.

As a well-recognized band, one wouldn't think The Killers would open their set with their most popular song to date—2003's smash hit "Mr. Brightside." But being the rule-breakers they are, the guys did just that! Naturally it turned City Park into field of thrills and nostalgia as fans (or Victims) of all ages and races shouted every word. The band continued to woo the audience with other classic jams like "All These Things That I've Done," "The Way It Was," "Smile Like You Mean It," "Spaceman," "Human," "Somebody Told Me" and more.

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