November 28, 2017


Carrie Fisher Scores Posthumous GRAMMY 2018 Nomination

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images
Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

When the 2018 GRAMMY nominations were announced earlier this morning, much of the focus was on Kendrick LamarSZA’s massive first year, and how Jay-Z appeared in the big categories when nobody was predicting that he would. Many names were buried in the full list of nominees in all 80-something categories, but there is one that really deserves a call-out.

Late Star Wars legend Carrie Fisher legend earned her first GRAMMY nomination in the Best Spoken Word Album category for her reading of her own book The Princess Diarist. The humorous autobiography sees the actress diving into diaries she kept while she was younger, and in it, she discusses everything from her time on the set of the film that would make her a household name to a romantic entanglement with co-star Harrison Ford.

The book was released just over a month before Fisher passed away suddenly last December. At the time, it was well-received by both critics and fans of the Emmy-nominated actress. Fisher had written memoirs before, but none had earned quite as much praise as The Princess Diarist, and it became a best-seller instantly. She was previously nominated for a spoken word Grammy in 2009 for her book Wishful Drinking.

Her posthumous GRAMMY nomination must have come as a welcome surprise for her family and fans, who have been mourning the loss of a true talent throughout the past year. Fisher has a good chance of collecting this prize, though she’s up against some pretty worthy competition. The Spoken Word Album category is often populated by some of the most famous names in the world. She’s competing against Bruce Springsteen, Mark Ruffalo and Bernie Sanders, and astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson. It’s an odd bunch of people, but they’re all wonderful and deserving in their own right!

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