November 16, 2017


Christina Aguilera Makes Real-Life 'Wonder' Boy's Family Cry With An Intimate 'Beautiful' Performance

Christina Aguilera’s music has been inspiring and consoling millions of people for decades, and one track has remained especially powerful for one family who recently got the rare opportunity to tell the superstar just how much her voice has meant to them.

13 years ago, the Newman family’s first son Nathaniel was born with a rare genetic disorder known as Treacher Collins Syndrome, which can cause deformities in the face. Magda, the boy’s mother, says that when they got the news that their son would face incredible struggles based on his disorder, Aguilera was performing her smash “Beautiful” at the GRAMMYs, which was playing on the TV in the room. The emotional tune and the message it conveys helped the mother and father find strength, and in the years since, it has inspired them to make sure their son understands how beautiful he truly is.

While speaking with ABC's 20/20 about the struggles they have faced after their son’s diagnosis, the Newman family was treated to an incredible surprise. Christina Aguilera popped around a corner and greeted everyone with hugs, spoke with them, and then performed the song with just a piano accompaniment.

The short video showing this moment is enough to make anyone with a soul tear up, and if anybody deserves to be serenaded by one of the biggest pop stars on the planet, it is absolutely Nathaniel Newman.

From the minute it was released, Aguilera’s “Beautiful” was heralded as one of the best performances of her already impressive career. The song was a massive hit back in 2002 when it was spun off her fourth album Stripped as the second official single. It went on to win the pop star a GRAMMY, and in the decade and a half since, it has never lost its power.

20/20 arranged the entire memorable encounter, and the touching piece is set to be a part of a story on the family that airs this Friday at 10 PM EST on ABC. While you wait for the full segment, watch Christina Aguilera gush about her son Max in this classic Fuse interview: