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Demi Lovato's 9 Most Essential Collaborations

From Luis Fonsi to Joe Jonas, do you know all of these Demi collabs?

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"Échame la Culpa" (2017)

Hot off the heels of his history-making single “Despacito,”  Luis Fonsi has his sights on rising to the top of the charts again, and this time around, he’s planning on taking Demi Lovato with him. The two just recently released their cut "Échame la Culpa," which sees the beloved pop star singing in both English and Spanish.

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“This Is Me” (2008)

The song that started it all for Ms. Lovato: “This Is Me” was the pop singer’s first single to reach the charts in the U.S., and it helped establish her as a name to watch in the industry. The track, which is a duet with future love interest Joe Jonas, is featured on the Camp Rock soundtrack, which also helped propel her to fame. Shockingly, it ended up becoming a Top 10 hit.

Also, look at that hair on Joe Jonas!

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“No Promises” (2017)

In this instance, Demi is by far the more popular of the two acts, and her appearance on the song fronted by the still up-and-coming production trio Cheat Codes was initially something of a surprise. Anybody who knows Cheat Codes is well aware that they are about to become the biggest thing in electro-pop, and “No Promises” is a certified jam.

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"Up" (2014)

From the moment Olly Murs was named the runner-up on the British version of The X Factor, he was a star in the U.K., and he’s racked up a massive collection of hit singles in his home country, including one with Lovato. The two worked together on the syrupy-sweet “Up,” which served as a single off of his fourth album Never Been Better, and it peaked at No. 4 on the British charts.

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“Without a Fight” (2016)

Brad Paisley’s 2016 single “Without a Fight” straddles the line between country and rock, and while she’s never been a force in either genre, Demi’s powerful vocals still fit in here, and by adding a twangy tune to her repertoire, the singer proves how versatile she is.

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"Instruction" (2017)

One of the hottest songs this past summer throughout Europe, “Instruction” saw Lovato trying her hand at real dance music, and, unsurprisingly, she nailed it. The Jax Jones single blends Latin elements, reggaeton, electro-dance, and even hip-hop (thanks to a particularly catchy verse by rapper Stefflon Don) and while that might sound like too many influences to fit into one cut, everybody involved pulls it off perfectly, and the final result is an instant earworm.

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"Really Don't Care" (2014)

Back in 2014, Cher Lloyd had just scored her biggest hit in the U.S. with “Want U Back,” and Demi is always interested in working with hot new talent. The track felt a lot more like something that Lloyd would put on one of her albums than a Lovato tune, but it ended up being an enjoyable-enough ride.

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"We'll Be a Dream" (2010)

Pop-punk band We the Kings slowed things down a bit to fit Lovato on their song “We’ll Be a Dream,” and her appearance helped the tune become one of their most successful. This collab came out when Demi’s sound was rockier in nature, but things have changed since then, and this pairing might not make sense today.

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"Irresistible" (2015)

Demi has worked with some truly unexpected artists in her time, but this partnership confused fans of both musicians. When  Fall Out Boy decided to promote “Irresistible” as a proper single, they recruited Demi to join them, and while it sounds odd, the track does sound better with the two vocals. Also, Joey Fatone from *NSYNC makes an appearance in the video alongside Lovato and FOB, because...why not?

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