Update (March 2, 2018): After delivering one of our favorite self-love anthems in "Say That Again," Eden xo dropped a dope lyric video to accompany the rising radio hit.

Watch the colorful, VHS-inspired visual above and get your confidence high for the weekend now.

Original Story (Nov. 2, 2017): It takes a long time to get to a point of self-love and acceptance, and Eden xo's latest single is here to help you on that journey in the most feel-good way possible.

Fuse is proud to premiere "Say That Again" featuring Travis Mills, the singer-songwriter's latest anthem that brings together self-affirming lyrics over euphoric, glitch-pop production. Listen up for empowering lines like, "I'm not the girl you think I am" and "Theres a voice inside saying 'Stay the way I am'" which Eden xo says look to inspire those unsure of themselves.  

"This song is for everyone who feels rejected or misunderstood," she tells Fuse. "Social media is a heavily edited world where everyone is 'living their best life.' You think you know what's up with someone, but often there's a deeper side to whats going on. I want every underdog to find confidence with my music. Ultimately you have to be happy who you are and what you represent before you can share yourself with anyone else." Listen below:

Featured rapper Travis Mills continues the message with his slick verse, with Eden xo sharing the duo had a common ground to connect on this track:

"From Day One, I knew I wanted Travis Mills on the song. His artistry and work ethic is the stuff success is made of. He has rad style, a unique voice, and he immediately got it when he heard the demo. Travis and I became friends this year, but ironically we grew up in the same town and never knew each other. We both came to LA at a young age, got signed, and have worked hard toward successful careers ever since. We bonded over the fact that we both 'made it out' of our hometown. Growing up in Moreno Valley/Riverside, I wasn't blind to its reputation for drugs and crime. My high school had metal detectors. and even though Hollywood was only 50 miles away, saying you were gonna 'make it there' was a pipe dream. If people can have fun listening to 'Say That Again' and feel inspired to go after what they want in life, I've done my job."

Mark "The Cobrasnake" Hunter
Mark "The Cobrasnake" Hunter
Mark "The Cobrasnake" Hunter

And truly when you hear the SoCal singer deliver lines like, "'Cause I've been around the block, this time I'm heading to the top," it all feels like a nod the unpredictable life of a singer-songwriter, but clear that the best is still yet to come (and likely with this single right here). 

Look out for "Say That Again" to be available everywhere on Friday, Nov. 3. After you listen, check out a classic Fuse interview with Mills talking about his DIY-approach to his style: