November 10, 2017


Eminem Returns With Beyoncé on 'Walk on Water': Listen Now

Guess who's back? 

Eminem released his comeback single "Walk on Water" featuring Beyoncé today to kick off what is expected to be a new album, rumored to be titled Revival. The rapper teased the collaboration on Instagram earlier this week, and you can hear it in full above. The reflective rap-pop song was produced by Rick Rubin and sees Em reflecting on his career and criticisms. "There was a time I had the walls by the balls, eating out of palm / Every album song I was spazzing the fuck out on / Now I'm getting clowned and frowned on / But the only one looking down on me now is the only one that matters," he spits.

While Eminem's been known for his outrageous lyrics in his past, it's inevitably disappointing to hear the rapper still using words like "retarded" (in the second verse saying, "Kids look to me as a god, this is retarded / If only they know it's a facade") in a way that is inappropriate and demeaning to those less abled. One would think after years of controversial lines, someone would have mentioned for him to leave out the word that's generally considered unacceptable and old-fashioned.

Eminem's been previously hinting at a return to the music scene with clues about his album title and what proved to be his lead single "Walk on Water." As of now, there's no word of when Revival, Em's ninth album and the follow-up to 2013's The Marshall Mathers LP 2, will arrive.

But for now, get your #FlashbackFriday on with a classic interview where Em shared his thoughts on Bey's "Telephone" collaborator Lady Gaga below: