November 9, 2017


Finn Wolfhard Asks 'Stranger Things' Fans to Stop 'Harassing' the Cast

Ryan Gibson
Ryan Gibson

Finn Wolfhard is calling out the toxic types of people that can plague a fan community.

The 14-year-old, who plays Mike Wheeler on Netflix's Stranger Things, shared some thoughts on Twitter where he urged fans of the show to be kinder to him and his cast mates online. Somewhat concerningly, Wolfhard claimed so-called supporters were "harassing" his co-workers and friends, and that he was receiving criticism for "literally acting." See the tweets below:

Importantly, Wolfhard is highlighting a dangerous aspect of fan culture where those who become so invested in these stars that they begin to forget about them as human beings and only see them as avenues for their entertainment—regardless of what the star wants or seeks as a creative person. 

While Wolfhard did not share what led to the messages, BuzzFeed reported that fans had recently criticized the actor for not stopping to greet supporters at a hotel which led to fellow Stranger Things stars Shannon Purser and Noah Schnapp defending his actions. Finn also "liked" tweets from users defending his decision.

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