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Our Favorite Warped Tour Interviews Through The Years: Paramore, Blink-182, Good Charlotte & More

Tons of great bands have shared fun tidbits in many Warped Tour interviews through the years. From Good Charlotte to The Used, here's the best of what your fave bands told Fuse

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2007: Paramore

It may be hard to believe, but veteran pop punk act Paramore couldn't even secure meal tickets at their first Warped Tour appearance. "It's pretty amazing. The first year, we kind of felt like we weren't really on the tour because we didn't have meal tickets. We weren't really on the schedule everyday. But it's amazing now!" frontwoman Hayley Williams explained to us.

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2014: The Devil Wears Prada

The Devil Wears Prada bassist Andy Trick shared this bit with us back in 2014:

"[Warped Tour] just has a certain reputation of being something people do every summer... it's got that built into it. I think they do a great job of staying current as far as what acts are on it. Whether or not people agree with who is on Warped Tour, there's always tons of people here so Kevin [Lyman, festival founder] knows what he's doing as far as booking bands. There's always a consistency that I think a lot of other tours don't really have: everyone knows what to expect every single year. It's always the same but it's always different enough so that people come back every year. They're doing it right."

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2016: Kevin Lyman

From the "free parent ticket" program to free water for fans, the creator of America's longest running festival tour told us how Warped became a family affair. Lyman talks about Warped's longtime practice of giving out free water after he realized kids were leaving early because they didn't want to pay $3 for a bottle of water. "I realized I needed to go in and really fight for my fans," he says.

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2004: Blink-182

The trio praised Rancid, one of the true veteran acts of punk rock, and also shared a tour memory with Eminem. "I think they're the one band that's kind of been veterans of the Warped Tour. They're so professional, but they're so sincere and genuine with their style of music," Tom DeLonge said of Rancid.

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2016: Good Charlotte

Does Good Charlotte know whether New Found GloryThe Used or Sum 41 are playing Warped in 2016, in 2003... or both? We tested out the rockers' knowledge on classic festival knowledge!

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2005: Hawthorne Heights

The Ohio natives remember that fateful day when Victory Records took a chance on them in the beginning of their career. Watch as Hawthorne Heights recall performing a nerve-racking showcase for a room of label reps...in the dark.

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2006: AFI, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus & More

Above, watch bands like The Academy Is..., AFI, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, The Pink Spiders, Aiden, and more reveal what life was like on Warped Tour over a decade ago!

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2012: The Used

The Used offered Fuse their best do's and don'ts for Warped Tour moshing in this memorable interview! Definitely do whatever singer Bert McCracken advises you to... definitely don't be "that guy," though.

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2014: Every Time I Die

Every Time I Die talk about making music to scare children with us, saying: "The thing about it is I don't think making music that doesn't challenge people is doing any good. I think if you give them something different they get scared at first because they're not used to it and then they'll adjust appropriately."

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2016: Sum 41

Sum 41's Deryck Whibley spoke to us about the band's latest album 13 Voices, which helped him with his alcoholism recovery. He tells us,

"I just ended up in the hospital and realized that I kind of taken this as far as you could absolutely take it. It was next level, and I didn't really want to go there. Being at that low of a point, the only thing that could help me recover was just music."

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2014: Less Than Jake

"I've actually spent one year of my life on Warped Tour!" LTJ's Chris DeMakes tells Fuse. "That's just counting the shows, not to mention all the days off and the travel days ... so, probably a year and two months of my life on this tour." That's a long time full of mosh pits, sun burns and joy, and the guys love every minute of it. As for the greatest success story at Warped? Chris is claiming that title for his band, too: "Probably us, in the fact that Kevin (Lyman, Warped Tour creator) still invites us here to play!"

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2007: Against Me!

Against Me! sat down to relive their past Warped Tour experiences. Frontwoman Laura Jane Grace (then identified as Tom Gabel—she's since burned her birth certificate) gave a simple description of the traveling punk rock summer camp, saying, "You lose your mind on it. It takes you about a month to recover from it."

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2015: Behe Rexha

Fuse caught up with the then-rising pop singer as we discussed her outlying sound on the Warped Tour, her professional goals and what it's like to endure those lengthy, but necessary shower lines. "A lot of people ask me 'Are you intimidated to play this tour?' because it's a rock/punk rock style [tour] and I'm a little bit more pop," Bebe shared. "In the beginning I was, but now I see that I'm just like everybody else on the tour— my lyrics are angsty, I just express myself differently through the style of music."

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2014: Yellowcard

Yellowcard are veterans of Warped Tour. But what keeps them coming back? "I think it’s the diversity of the music," frontman Ryan Key told Fuse in an exclusive interview. "I think people keep coming back because it’s everything you want to see for one ticket price."

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2013: Motion City Soundtrack

Watch as Motion City Soundtrack reveal why they have a new energy about them and why they're re-releasing their first record on vinyl way back in 2013.

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2012: Say Anything

Say Anything's frontman Max Bemis tells us what makes Warped so special and why he's a hermit who "stays on the bus" in this fun interview.

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2013: Black Veil Brides

Ahh, the joys of playing Warped Tour! Black Veil Brides discuss all the best parts of touring: broken ribs, the rules of rock-and-roll and yes, projectile urine.

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2012: New Found Glory

Fuse caught up with classic pop-punk outfit New Found Glory at Warped 2012 and learned they could see themselves covering "Man! I Feel Like a Woman!" and other country tunes.

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