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GRAMMYs 2018

Best Dance Recording at the 2018 GRAMMYs: A Deeper Look at the Nominees

Have you heard all five of these electronic tunes?

Gorillaz: Stefan Hoederath/Redferns; LCD Soundsytem: Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

The line between pop and dance has been blurring for years now, and nowhere is that more apparent than at the GRAMMYs. Sometimes the dance/electronic categories feature pop stars who opted for computers over traditional instruments for their new collections, while other times, the coveted slots are filled by lesser-known upstarts who are as surprised by their nomination as the rest of the world is.

If you’re not well-acquainted with the potential winners for next year's ceremony, have a listen to their newly GRAMMY-nominated tunes below.

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Bonobo, "Bambro Koyo Ganda (ft. Innov Gnawa)"

The first-ever non-English (or non-instrumental) song to be nominated is a worthy contender for one of the biggest prizes in the genre. Bonobo, who is also up for the Dance/Electronic Album trophy for his album Migration, is one of the most inventive producers out there, and with this Moroccan-language tune, both he and musical collective Innov Gnawa may win a GRAMMY for their boundary-pushing work.

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CamelPhat & Elderbrook, “Cola”

There is always one outlier nominated in this category that immediately sends music journalists to Google to look up someone they’ve never heard of, and this year, that honor went to CamelPhat & Elderbrook. The two musicians partnered to craft the house underground smash “Cola,” and while it was never a charting hit, it’s perfect for late nights out.

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Gorillaz, “Andromeda (ft. D.R.A.M.)”

One of the singles featured on Gorillaz’s “comeback” album Humanz, “Andromeda” is deliciously weird and perfectly encapsulates what the band is into these days, though it’s something of a stretch for “Broccoli” star D.R.A.M., who typically sticks to pure hip-hop.

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LCD Soundsystem, “Tonite”

Speaking of comebacks, 2017 saw fellow alternative rock/electronic/dance mavens LCD Soundsystem return from their retirement, which only ended up lasting a few years. “Tonite” is a fine inclusion on American Dream, but does it have a realistic chance of actually earning James Murphy and company their first award?

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Odesza, “Line of Sight (ft. WYNNE and Mansionair)”

Perhaps the coolest tracks on the group’s third album A Moment Apart, “Line of Sight” could see one of the most exciting acts in electronic music finally collect the gold they have deserved for years now. Both WYNNE and Mansionair have also seen their stars rising recently, but if this song does end up going home a champion, it will likely be because of the love the industry has for Odesza and their pioneering work.

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