November 22, 2017


KARD Showcase Their Dark, Lustful Sides for 'You in Me': Watch

This past summer, KARD told Fuse that they were planning to bring "something fresh" to their signature tropical-pop sound and the co-ed K-pop act have done just that with their latest release "You in Me."

The title track off the quartet's new EP brings a darker vibe to KARD's mombahton-dance sound with dissonant beats, melancholy-like vocal performances, and harder-than-ever raps. It's a welcome changeup for the winter season, when music is a bit slower and darker, while keeping the band's sonic structure intact.

The accompanying music video continues the haunting vibe of the track, with the members paired up into couples—a choice sure to excite fans that love to 'ship the KARD members—eating a meal and laying on one another in slightly romantic, slightly lustful situations. But the feeling is quickly changed when rappers BM and J.Seph are transformed by their female counterparts into lifeless zombies, with vocalist Somin and singer-rapper Jiwoo maniacally laughing and distressed over the transformation.

While KARD was already breaking barriers in K-pop for their co-ed structure—one that is very rare in the scene—seeing the band not only play into a romantic storyline between its members, only to flip the script on its head further positions them as a group making unique and unexpected choices in their music.

"You in Me" is the lead track off the band's new You & Me EP that boasts four new tracks, as well as different takes on the song "Trust Me" by sub-units of the act. Stream via Spotify below:

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