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Remembering Lil Peep: 10 Standout Tracks From the Rapper/Singer

Remember the young artist who blended emo and hip-hop into a sound and style all his own with 10 of his best cuts that prove why he'll be so missed

1 / 10

'Benz Truck'

His most popular song on Spotify, “Benz Truck” has already racked up almost seven million streams, and it perfectly encapsulates the darkness he sang about often. –Hugh McIntyre

2 / 10

'Star Shopping'

Undeniably one of his classics, Lil Peep tells a story of a girl being impatient with their relationship while confidently justifying it with his work ethic and success. –Max Barlow

3 / 10

'Awful Things' With Lil Tracy

The last music video Lil Peep released before he passed away, the clip for “Awful Things” feels eerily autobiographical, as it sees the rapper misbehaving in class (he ended up dropping out of high school), using his bad boy good looks to hook up with a co-ed, and then later, setting himself on fire and creating his own demise. –Hugh McIntyre

4 / 10


A true showcase of his uneasy feelings, Peep pours his heart over Brand New’s “The Seatbelt Song” about a girl who’s driving him to loneliness due to his internal struggles. –Max Barlow

5 / 10

'Gym Class'

Rapping over a melancholy instrumental, Lil Peep gives us a taste of his high school nostalgia involving his “playboy bunny.” –Max Barlow

6 / 10

'Save That Shit'

The “I can make you rich” hook on this tune is undeniably catchy, further showing his promise as a songwriter. –Hugh McIntyre

7 / 10


Arguably his most abrasive track, Lil Peep seamlessly flows over a sample of  The Microphone’s “Headless Horsemen” flaunting his come up as a rapper while reaping the benefits. –Max Barlow

8 / 10

'U Said'

The production on this Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt. 1 album cut makes it feel like it could have fit perfectly on an R&B record or potentially even a full-length by a forward-thinking pop star, and the fact that he’s able to pull it off as well as he does is a testament to his versatility as a musician. –Hugh McIntyre

9 / 10

'Nose Ring'

With a more passive-aggressive approach, Lil Peep displays his frustration from a breakup, but picks himself back up with braggy wordplay about carving his own lane in the world of music. –Max Barlow

10 / 10

'Better Off (Dying)'

The song, featured on his just-released debut album Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt. 1, has immediately taken on new meaning in the light of his tragic death, and his lyrics exclaiming that “we ain’t gonna make it” are truly heartbreaking. –Hugh McIntyre

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