November 17, 2017


Paramore's Hayley Williams Forces A Smile In 'Fake Happy' Video

Paramore has released their new video for "Fake Happy," which happens to be the directorial debut for the band's drummer Zac Farro. “I feel it’s subtle and charming and suits the song perfectly," he said of the video.

Hayley Williams is the star of the show, as she wanders around New York City with a sparkly jumpsuit. The singer appears to be happy while roaming freely among a sea of people with upside-down smiley face masks. But towards the end of the video we realize she's been crying the entire time. "I been doing a good job of makin' 'em think I'm quite alright / Better hope I don't blink / You see, it's easy when I'm stomping on a beat / But no one sees me when I crawl back underneath," Hayley muses on the track.

"Fake Happy" follows previous singles "Hard Times" and "Told You So." In a recent New York Times interview, the band explained they've "dipped into cleaner, more rhythmic and synth-kissed textures of the ’70s and ’80s, owing to recent obsessions with Talking Heads, Tom Tom Club, Cyndi Lauper and Blondie" for the new album.

After Laughter, the band's fifth album, was released on May 12. Paramore are supporting the new record with the return of their third Parahoy! Festival cruise. The event sets sail for four days from April 6-10, 2018 from from Miami to Nassau, Bahamas. The band also began their tour with Best Coast on Sept. 6. Next up, take it all the way back to 2007 where Paramore recall not having meal tickets at their first Warped Tour show in this classic Fuse interview: