November 21, 2017


Pink and Channing Tatum Get Naughty In Her 'Beautiful Trauma' Music Video: Watch

Just a day after wowing American Music Awards viewers and those following the proceedings on Twitter with her high-flying performance on the side of a skyscraper, Pink has released the official music video for their song “Beautiful Trauma,” and it is as sexy as the song is catchy.

It stars the pop star and Channing Tatum, and while it may at first come off as rather innocent, it quickly takes a turn into naughtier territory. The colorful clip sees the two living as man and wife in the 50’s, and throughout the video, they buck every stereotype and touch on every taboo from that era.

It’s clear that Pink isn’t afraid to have some fun when she wakes up next to Tatum, who is clearly having an...exciting dream, let’s say, and from there, everything becomes delightfully kinky. The two perform a wonderfully choreographed dance while Pink downs too many pills, Tatum tries on her dress, and then they engage in a little light choking.

The “Beautiful Trauma” visual provides everything we love about Pink: as it combines a great tune, a true spectacle for the eyes, and the chart-topper’s don’t-give-a-f-ck attitude, which thankfully never seems to disappear. This fall season is turning out to be filled with all things Pink, as the pop star keeps giving people more to listen, watch, and certainly talk about. “Beautiful Trauma” is the title track off of the singer’s latest record, which kicked off at No. 1 when it was released last month. Her record label has confirmed that while they were initially going to promote her Eminem collaboration “Revenge” as Beautiful Trauma’s second single, plans have changed, and this song is now the main focus.

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