November 21, 2017


Stevie Nicks on Lorde: 'She Probably Would Have Been the Third Girl in Fleetwood Mac'

Nicks: Dave Simpson; Lorde: Kevin Mazur/WireImage)
Nicks: Dave Simpson; Lorde: Kevin Mazur/WireImage)

Throughout the years, “Green Light” singer Lorde hasn’t shied away from discussing her love of all things Fleetwood Mac, and now the frontwoman of one of the most respected bands of all time has returned the favor.

During a recent concert in New Zealand, Stevie Nicks told the crowd that she thinks Lorde is “so very talented,” and that she wished the young superstar was in attendance at the show. She then quickly went on to bestow what a Fleetwood Mac fan might consider the highest form of praise possible, saying, “If she had been my age, and our age, she probably would have been the third girl in Fleetwood Mac.”

Nicks has been vocal about new talent she’s a fan of in the past, but this is above and beyond, and while she wasn’t in attendance to actually hear the “Go Your Own Way” powerhouse say that in person, she saw a fan-shot video of the moment on Twitter and responded exactly as one might expect, stating simply, “I could cry.”

Two years ago, Nicks was performing in that part of the world with Fleetwood Mac, and Lorde not only attended, but wrote about the show on social media, exclaiming that it was “THE BEST CONCERT OF MY LIFE.” On this current tour, the legendary singer-songwriter revealed to the media that she wanted Lorde to come back and see her solo outing, and that she’d love to meet her...but alas, that wasn’t to be. Lorde is currently busy on her own tour, and she couldn’t make it work.

Hopefully, these two have a chance to meet at some point...and is it too far-fetched to already be dreaming about a collaboration? Before your mind goes wild with ideas, check out an early Fuse interview with Lorde, just as she was breaking into the mainstream!