November 21, 2017


'The Incredibles 2' Teaser Is The Most-Viewed Animated Movie Trailer Ever—But Was It Worth The Hype?

After 13 long and excruciating years of waiting for The Incredible 2 trailer, the day finally came on Saturday’s College GameDay, when Disney-Pixar released the debut teaser. And unsurprisingly, it has already made history!

According to EW, the clip is now the most-watched animated movie trailer of all time with more than 113 million views. The Incredibles 2 teaser sits in seventh place of overall most-viewed trailers. It (197 million), The Fate of the Furious (139 million) and Thor: Ragnarok (136 million) take first, second and third place, respectively. But after anticipating the sequel's trailer for over a decade, was it even worth watching?

The teaser runs for a little over 50 seconds yet doesn't give any insight of what the upcoming movie's plot is going to be. Yes, there's a cute moment where Mr. Incredible praises his son's newly found powers—but we ALL knew Jack-Jack had those capabilities from the ending of the first film. All I'm saying is that we could've given a lot more to work with here, Disney-Pixar! In any case, look out for The Incredibles 2 in theaters on June 15, 2018. It picks up where the first left off with Craig Nelson, Holly Hunter, Samuel L. Jackson and Sarah Vowell all returning to reprise their voice roles alongside director Brad Bird.

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