November 15, 2017


Violet Chachki Makes History As The Star Of A New Lingerie Campaign

Santiago Felipe/FilmMagic
Santiago Felipe/FilmMagic

What’s a drag queen to do after winning the most coveted title in the entire industry? If you’re Violet Chachki, you take your modeling skills and put them to good use!

The fashionista, who was born Jason Dardo, has been hired to star in the latest ad campaign for Bettie Page lingerie, in which she makes history by becoming the first drag queen to front such a project for a major company. Chachki looks like she was born to fill this role in the photos, and she pulls off the Bettie Page look perfectly.

The campaign, entitled “Never the Girl Next Door,” fits perfectly with both Chachki’s look and persona, and anybody who has seen her on RuPaul’s Drag Race or perform since then will agree that she is anything but the girl next door. In sexy snaps for the project, Chachki dons everything one can think of that would be at home in the boudoir, from bras and briefs to even more titillating options, like bustiers and belts.

Chachki has been a fixture of the drag world ever since she won season seven of RuPaul’s Drag Race back in 2015. Her crowning was somewhat controversial at the time, as she was up against worthy competitors Pearl and Ginger Minj (who came back to compete again for All-Stars season two), but her beauty won the judges over...and now it’s clearly made the people at Bettie Page fans as well.

The season seven champion is just the latest Drag Race alumni to sign on with a well-known fashion brand, as fellow RPDR competitor Milk just recently starred in a Marc Jacobs campaign. Next up, watch Miriam Shor reflect on her experience in drag on this classic episode of Fuse's White Guy Talk Show: