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Best of 2017

The 10 Best New TV Shows of 2017

From raunchy comedies to teary-eyed dramas, this year in television was filled with exciting new shows we couldn't miss!

1 / 10

'Big Mouth'

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There are already shows like Family Guy, American Dad and Bob’s Burgers that put a crass spin on animated shows. But Big Mouth took it a step further by having kids at the center of the plot. The Netflix series (which comes from the hilarious minds of Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg) follows 7th graders as they experience the weirdness and horniness of puberty. It is a smart, educational and humorous take on what it feels like being an adolescent. I just wish this show was around when I was going through that stage as a young teen, because things would’ve been a lot less awkward!—Bianca Gracie

2 / 10

'Dear White People'

An extension of the 2014 film of the same name, Dear White People was a highlight of Netflix's 2017 lineup. Within ten episodes, the characters in the controversially-titled college based series had more room to tell their stories. It was a hit with viewers considering it was immediately given a Season 2 after launch. The show is an interesting new slice of college life and navigates through issues such as race, class and sexuality on a modern-day campus.—Patrice Callender

3 / 10

'The Hollywood Puppet Shitshow'

Host and executive producer Wilmer Valderrama graced us with never-before-told stories from nine celebrity friends, but reenacted by puppets. From Amber Rose’s wild strip club moment to Joe Jonas' Miami rendezvous, The Hollywood Puppet Shitshow gives us outrageous marionette puppets like we’ve never seen before.—Amissa Pitter

4 / 10

'Twin Peaks'

After the first two seasons of Twin Peaks and the movie that followed shortly thereafter came and went in the early 90’s, fans of the delightfully weird crime drama assumed the show was done and that they’d never see any new stories set in the Washington town they love so much. Almost 20 years after the program first appeared, it finally returned with 18 new episodes, with many of the most important people (such as creator/writer David Lynch and star Kyle MacLachlan) reprising their roles. The third season, which kicked off in May, was heralded as a triumph by fans and critics. It was a huge win for Showtime, which took a risk resuscitating a decades-old franchise that wasn’t even a ratings giant in the first place.—Hugh McIntyre

5 / 10

'13 Reasons Why'

A show that was as controversial as it was important, Netflix's drama hit made viewers face some uncomfortable realities when it comes to teen life including bullying, rape and suicide. With Selena Gomez as executive producer, 13 Reasons Why kickstarted a lot of necessary conversations with mental health and young people's experience that almost felt like a necessary precursor to the expose on Hollywood's toxic, abusive predators.–Jeff Benjamin

6 / 10

'The Handmaid's Tale'

Some say it hits a bit too close to current events, but this Hulu adaption of the hit Margaret Atwood novel takes a look at a not-too-far off future where women pushed all the way back to the dark ages because human fertility rates have collapsed. The stark contrast of modern conveniences paired with dark ages thinking and a stellar cast makes this show highly binge-worthy—definitely something to look forward to a new season of in 2018.—Patrice Callender

7 / 10

'The Punisher'

Marvel continues to get it right when it comes to transforming fan-favorite comic book characters into big-budget TV series. Their latest is The Punisher, which is a spin-off of Daredevil. It follows Frank Castle as he seeks all-out revenge for his wife and children's deaths. The show is equal parts thrilling, intense and terrifying. It’s no wonder it has already been renewed for a second season.—Bianca Gracie

8 / 10

'Trivial Takedown'

Think about your favorite game show. Now imagine some of your favorite comedians, musicians and social media celebs facing off in a rapid-fire pop culture trivia battle. Trivial Takedown delivers just that and the opportunity to play along! This season featured some of today’s hottest celebs including Ayo & Teo, Carly Aquilino, Lizzo, Romeo Miller and more who were ready to own it and be crowned.—Amissa Pitter

9 / 10

'Will & Grace'

When NBC finally confirmed the rumors that Will & Grace was returning to TV, longtime fans were immediately filled with excitement...and fear. Many wondered if the pioneering program would be able to replicate its success and its high standards after over a decade off the air. The comeback experienced something of a turbulent takeoff, but after a somewhat lackluster first few episodes, things got better...much better. The updated version of Will & Grace has already been renewed for a second season, so clearly NBC likes what it sees, and so do we.—Hugh McIntyre

10 / 10

'Big Little Lies'

This Emmy award-winning drama series based off Liane Moriarty was originally supposed to be a limited miniseries, but it was just too good! Big Little Lies had viewers begging for more after a mere seven episodes, thanks to the brilliant acting from an all-star cast. It features Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, Alexander Skarsgard and more as they unveil each other’s dark secrets. And we can all finally praise HBO for renewing the show for a well-deserved second season.—Bianca Gracie

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