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20 Songs That Should Have Been Hits in 2017

These jams from Major Lazer, Carly Rae Jepsen, Tove Lo and more deserved so much more praise this year...

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Carly Rae Jepsen, “Cut to the Feeling”

The “Call Me Maybe” singer only has two a few true hits to her credit (at least according to the charts), but Carly Rae Jepsen’s fans know that her discography is actually full of some of the greatest pop compositions of the past few years. She knows how to craft a catchy tune that the masses will ignore like nobody else, and “Cut to the Feeling” is perhaps the best example of that conundrum. Hugh McIntyre

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Camila Cabello, “OMG" (ft. Quavo)

Camila Cabello dropped “Havana” and “OMG” at the same time, but the former ended up becoming a successful single while the latter fell to the wayside. But despite not getting its due shine, “OMG” is a bop in every sense of the word. The singer sounds more sultry than she ever did in Fifth Harmony and gets to show off her booming confidence. And once that bass drops when she sings “PULL UP, PULL UP STRAIGHT FROM TOKYOOOO!” you can’t help but twerk (well I do, at least). It’s a shame that “OMG” was cut from Camila’s debut album tracklist, but we’ll still be blasting it on our speakers way into the new year. Bianca Gracie

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Rita Ora, “Anywhere”

Rita Ora’s comeback has been powered by a number of electro-pop jams, and while the U.K. charts love everything she puts out, none of her recent cuts have made any impact here in the States. It’s sad that American audiences have missed out on everything she’s done lately, but it’s a real crime that true banger “Anywhere” probably won’t receive the attention it deserves...though according the singer herself, she’ll be pushing it in the U.S. next year. –Hugh McIntyre

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Syd, “Know”

Syd’s debut album FIN is filled to the brim with back-to-back gems, so it’s hard to pick out a stand out track. But “Know” is a special one. From Syd’s gorgeous falsetto vocals that are reminiscent of a young Aaliyah to the ‘90s-tinged production, it is swimming in pure R&B nostalgia.–Bianca Gracie

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Little Mix, “Touch”

The reigning girl group in Europe has similarly never been able to break a hit in the United States, even if everything they share in their home country of the U.K. is greeted with open arms. Little Mix's last album Glory Days was a blockbuster and their single “Touch” was massively popular. Sadly, it didn’t pick up here in the States, even though it’s so easy to dance to and once it hits the ears, it doesn’t leave for a long time.–Hugh McIntyre

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Charli XCX, “Babygirl” ft. Uffie

Charli XCX deserves all the praise for calling upon the one and only Uffie, who us pop stars haven’t heard from in years! This cutesy deep cut from Charli’s Number 1 Angel mixtape would fit perfectly on the Clueless soundtrack and will give you that boost to finally talk to your crush.–Bianca Gracie

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Kim Petras, “I Don’t Want It At All”

The up-and-coming German singer scored something of a minor streaming success story with her breakout track “I Don’t Want It At All,” but that doesn’t mean it is actually considered a “hit.” The upbeat, catchy tune was a long shot for the charts, but it established Petras as a name to watch, so hopefully 2018 is the year she enjoys a deserved come-up.–Hugh McIntyre

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Kranium, “Can’t Believe” ft. Ty Dolla $ign & WizKid

Kranium had a major year in dancehall, yet unfortunately his singles didn’t get as much love stateside as they did internationally. “Can’t Believe” has radio smash written all over it. With the big-name features, the island-rooted production, the interpolation of a Dennis Brown classic and the overall sunny vibes, this should’ve been a bigger hit.–Bianca Gracie

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Julia Michaels, “Worst In Me”

While everybody was busy jamming along to her breakout single “Issues,” the powerful and sought-after songwriter released her debut EP Nervous System, which ended up being one of the most solid pop collections of the year. One of the standouts was the somber “Worst In Me,” which is simultaneously heartbreaking and the type of song that forces you to sing along. –Hugh McIntyre

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ARIZONA, “Cross My Mind" (ft. Kiiara)

The pop group first made their name known with the Spotify hit “Oceans Away” back in 2016, and for a moment, the buzz surrounding them was deafening. Their debut album Gallery didn’t spin off a serious hit like many assumed it might. Sadly, even the remixed version of “Cross My Mind” with fellow sure-to-be-a-powerhouse Kiiara couldn’t chart, despite it having wide appeal and resources behind it. –Hugh McIntyre

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Major Lazer, “Sua Cara" (ft. Anitta and Pabllo Vittar)

Major Lazer perfected their formula of fusing local sounds for a mainstream audience, and “Sua Cara” doesn’t disappoint. The highlight from their Know No Better EP takes the flair of Brazil to otherworldly levels. Whether you speak Portuguese or not, everyone can get down to the sexy party vibes courtesy of Anitta and Pabllo Vittar. –Bianca Gracie

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Logic, “Black Spiderman" (ft. Damian Lemar Hudson)

Before he hit it big with his powerful song "1-800-273-8255,” rapper Logic was already talking about important topics in the songs featured on his latest album Everybody. “Black Spiderman” sees the biracial hip-hop star spouting lines like “Black is beautiful / Be black and proud” to the listener and making the case that there should be a black Spiderman. It’s great to hear a song that means so much also have hit potential, but sadly, it just didn’t happen for the rapper...with this track, at least. –Hugh McIntyre

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21 Savage & Offset, “Rap Saved Me”

What do you get when you mix 21 Savage and Offset’s intense flows with Metro Boomin’s cinematic production? Absolute fire! The two rap buddies showed no mercy on this Without Warning fan favorite. It is intimidating as hell, but in the best way possible. –Bianca Gracie

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Sampha, "(No One Knows Me) Like the Piano"

Easily one of the best albums of the year, Sampha’s debut record under his actual name was a triumph, and the best song on that record is "(No One Knows Me) Like the Piano." Stunningly beautiful and gut-wrenching, it was the one track released in 2017 that could bring anyone to tears, and while it doesn’t immediately sound like a “hit” in the traditional sense, it deserved more than it received from the world. –Hugh McIntyre

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Daniel Caesar, “Get You” ft. Kali Uchis

This song put Daniel Caesar on the map when it was first released last December and it got a resurgence as an addition on his debut album this summer. It is a lush, heavily romantic ballad that had R&B lovers in a trance. But its hypnotic waves should’ve transcended way beyond that audience. –Bianca Gracie

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HAIM, “Little of Your Love”

The sisterly trio has been one of the most critically adored in the rock world since they exploded in popularity a few years back, but they’ve never been the type to see their singles reach millions on radio or to chart well with. HAIM's sophomore album, which was much poppier than anything they’d ever released before, was supposed to change all that, but it couldn’t quite propel anything to the heights many expected. Of the songs the three women pushed, “Little of Your Love” started with the most potential. –Hugh McIntyre

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Lana Del Rey, “Summer Bummer” ft. A$AP Rocky & Playboi Carti

Lana Del Rey’s Lust For Life album came and went, but we can’t forget songs like “Summer Bummer” that kept the LP afloat. The singer teamed up with her friend A$AP Rocky for a brooding track produced by Boi-1da. It’s a bubbling underground club haunt that made diehard Del Rey fans happy. She sinks deep into the sounds that made her loved on Born to Die as she sexily muses about wanting an undercover lover. Add in Rocky’s suave verse and you have an A+ tune.–Bianca Gracie

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CNCO, “Reggaeton Lento”

In a year when singles like “Despacito” and “Mi Gente” dominated the charts, radio waves, and seemingly every facet of pop culture, it’s wild that “Reggaeton Lento” made almost not impact...in the United States, at least. The Latin smash was beloved in almost every country on the planet, especially in those where Spanish is the primary language. Once Little Mix hopped on a revamped version, it also performed well in other territories, but it never quite made it to our shores. –Hugh McIntyre

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Tove Lo, “Disco Tits”

How did so many people overlook one of the best lyrical offerings of the year? “I’m fully charged, nipples are hard, ready to go” is a brilliant mantra that everyone should live by, and it’s made even more digestible with a catchy-as-hell song. Tove Lo deserved more love this year, especially with a perfect tune like “Disco Tits.” –Bianca Gracie

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Paramore, “Hard Times”

Paramore resurfaced after a brief hiatus with a fresh and spunky sound that was weighted with a somber mindset. “Hard Times” was the kickoff to the band’s new era, with Hayley Williams confronting her depression in a relatable way atop an electric ’80s-inspired production. This song should’ve punched way harder on the charts, but it unfortunately peaked at No. 90 on the Billboard Hot 100. –Bianca Gracie

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