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13 Great Cardi B Songs That Aren’t 'Bodak Yellow'

The rapstress, who is one of Fuse's Breakout Artist of 2017, totally owned the music scene with her No. 1 hit. But she has a lot more songs in her roster that are just as great!

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"Red Barz" (2017)

This one-off track shows Cardi B at her very best, as she talks her shit for almost three minutes straight. The leader of the Bardi Gang spits staccato lines that are just as fiery as her all-red outfit and wig. "Red Barz" proves she doesn't need a fussy beat or a guest verse to show off her raw talent.

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"Lick" feat. Offset (2017)

"Lick" marked the first time Cardi B and Offset collaborated, which later blossomed into one of the most fun celebrity relationships to watch on social media. The two rappers complement each other as they trade some heavy braggadocio bars.

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"Foreva" (2016)

"Foreva" was one of the first introductions many diehard fans had of Cardi B and it is the biggest highlight from 2016's Gangsta Bitch Music Vol 1. Along with the catchy-as-hell chorus, the song is is loved for its silly video introduction that shows off the rapper's lovable personality.

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"On Fleek" (2016)

Cardi B's flow on "On Fleek" is, well, on fleek! She shows off her versatility on this track, as she is more flirty compared to some of her harder street-ready songs.

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"Um Yea" feat. Offset (2017)

Pairing Offset and Cardi B in the studio is pure magic, and the couple recently gave us another collaboration to blast in our car with Control The Streets Vol. 1's "Um Yea." Cardi's best line on the track? "Let's talk money in Spanish 'cause I can speak it in both (díme)!" BARZ!!

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"Pull Up" (2017)

Cardi B intimidates her haters on "Pull Up," where she presses them to get at her if they're really about that life. In other words, keep her name out of your mouth if you can't back it up!

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"Back It Up" feat. Konshens & Hoodcelebrityy (2017)

Fun fact: Cardi B is half-Dominican and half-Trinidadian. The rapstress tapped into her Caribbean side with this sultry track, which gets a boost from Jamaican dancehall star Konshens. Play "Back It Up" when your on a tropical beach with your boo.

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"Cheap Ass Weave" (2015)

If there was a song that encapsulates Cardi Bi's hilarious personality, it's "Cheap Ass Weave"! This early tune in her roster basically calls out all the women who can't compare to her because of their extremely tired hairstyles. Who is owning the wig game better than Cardi B right now? No one!

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"No Limit" w/ G-Eazy & A$AP Rocky (2017)

Yes, we know this is technically G-Eazy's song. But once "No Limit" drops at the club, the bar, the gym, the radio, your basement party, every DJ immediately rushes to play Cardi B's spitfire verse. The way she takes over the song with her succinct but memorable verse is one of the best music moments of 2017, hands down!

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"Washpoppin" (2016)

Of course Cardi B would have a song named after her notorious tagline! Along with the line "I'm just into making money I ain't into making love / When you hear that stripper hoe I'm the one you thinking of", one of the best parts of "Wash Poppin" is Cardi's ode to Lil Kim.

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"MotorSport" (2017)

Migos' "MotorSport" was hands down saved by Cardi B's guest appearance! While Nicki Minaj had a playful verse, it was Cardi who brought the fire with one of her most intense flows to date. It was great to see her hold her own next to the person who has been the face of the female rap game for so long.

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"Stripper Hoe" (2016)

The rapper played off her infamous "Stripper Hoe" storyline from VH1's Love & Hip-Hop New York with this tongue-in-cheek tune. While many people were making fun of her pole-dancing past, Cardi took that opportunity to throw it in their face. "Yo, some people know me as a stripper hoe / But stripper hoes get the money and blow digits though / A lot of bitches talkin' down on me like I'm a joke / Talk shit, I'll fuck your man, send him back hella broke," she spits.

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"Bronx Season" (2016)

Cardi B is always repping hard for her hometown, which is part of the reason why she established a diehard fanbase so early on in her career. "Bronx Season" is one of her more rugged offerings that reflect the borough that raised hip-hop and her career.

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