December 22, 2017


Kesha Slays New Song 'This Is Me' From 'The Greatest Showman': Listen

2017 has been terrific for Kesha, as it has been filled with critical praise, inspirational moments, and plenty of tunes to match. With one last momentous song that fits perfectly in the inspiring year she’s had, 2018 could see the comeback queen score yet another charting hit with her new soundtrack cut.

The pop singer has released her take on the song “This Is Me” from the film The Greatest Showman, and it’s so perfectly uplifting, it’s difficult to imagine anyone else even attempting this track. Between the massive drums and soaring vocals that we only just recently learned she had been hiding for years, Kesha sounds magnificent. While it may be sad that her electro-pop antics are behind her—this never would have worked for Ke$ha—we are lucky to be experiencing the singer in her prime, as is evidenced by her performance on this new song.

While she wasn’t originally brought on board to sing “This Is Me,” it seems that those connected to the soundtrack are looking for a way to bolster its numbers and make it more successful. With all the promotion and anticipation surrounding the new musical film, the producers connected to the film and the record label that released the soundtrack were clearly hoping both the album and its lead single would perform better than they have.

The original version of “This Is Me” is performed by actress Keala Settle, who does the song justice with her beautiful rendition, but it seemingly isn’t enough for the masses. Hiring a well-known star like Kesha, who brings a massive fan base and plenty of buzz to the track, is a move that has been made before, and it gives the song a shot at charting well and becoming a blockbuster like Frozen’s “Let It Go” or even “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana.

“This Is Me” is currently nominated for the Golden Globe for Best Original Song, and the team behind the track are hoping it will also land an Oscar nomination when those are announced in a month or so. Releasing and promoting Kesha’s version of the inspirational cut shines a spotlight on the work, and the timing couldn’t be better for this launch.

Will Kesha’s version of “This Is Me” make the song a hit? Only time will tell, but it certainly deserves to rocket towards the top.

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