December 20, 2017


Khalid and Imagine Dragons Mix Their Hits Into One Super Chill Mash-Up

What’s better than listening to one of the biggest hits of the year by one of the most exciting acts in the business? How about two of the most popular singles by talented powerhouses mashed up to make one brand new track? Superstar R&B/pop newcomer Khalid and arena rock band Imagine Dragons have combined forces to blend two of their most successful songs, creating something familiar, yet completely new in the process, and both stand to benefit from the new release.

Khalid kicks things off with his most recent smash “Young Dumb & Broke,” which at the outset of the track sounds completely normal. At first, nothing seems to have changed, but almost a minute in after the singer-songwriter has finished his first verse, the beat drops, and the recognizable snaps from “Thunder” begin. From there, the song takes on a life of its own, while somehow maintaining the vibe both tunes embodied in their original form.

One might never expect two artists from different genres to work together in this way, but these days, mixing styles is key to scoring a serious hit. The original “Thunder” is a far cry from the hard-edged rock Imagine Dragons typically churn out (it is nominated for a GRAMMY in a pop category, after all), while Khalid's best-known tracks are also rather poppy in nature, so the partnership works perfectly.

Both “Young Dumb & Broke” and “Thunder” performed well on the charts, but now that this mash-up has been released, the two tunes could improve in the coming weeks. Khalid’s single has started to fall out of the spotlight, but Imagine Dragons’ “Thunder” is still going strong, and the extra attention the song receives due to this new remixed version may help push it up the charts, and it may soon rise to a new peak.

Now, watch Khalid talk about how his face became a meme, which is also something the singer probably never expected would happen.