December 1, 2017


Louis Tomlinson Isn't Afraid to Use Some Adult Language on New Single: Listen

What’s a musician to do after breaking off from a boy band to show that he’s grown up and matured? Swearing—a lot—certainly works.

Former One Direction member Louis Tomlinson released his new single “Miss You,” giving his fans another taste of what he’s been cooking up in the studio over the past several months. From the moment the first deep guitar strum hits, it’s clear that this is going to be a proper rock tune, and that’s exactly what he delivers.

Never the standout member of One Direction (according to the man himself), Tomlinson’s voice sounds great on “Miss You,” which is poppy enough to appease longtime 1D fans, while still showing he can “rock.” His accent on the line “Everything is great / everything is fucking great” makes the cuss both stand out and go down easier, as the sarcasm really rings true.

“Miss You” is Tomlinson’s third single under his own name, his second with lead billing, and yet it couldn’t sound less like the other two he’s already dropped. He kicked off his solo career last year with a Steve Aoki collaboration called “Just Hold On,” which saw him trying his hand at EDM. He followed that up just a few months ago with the vaguely electro-pop “Back to You,” which was his first track running the show.

Tomlinson’s debut album without his bandmates, which is expected at some point in 2018, is turning out to be a sonically diverse collection, and now that he’s tried pop, dance, and rock, his fans are left wondering what he’ll try next. Is a Tomlinson rap song coming soon?

Speaking of Steve Aoki, watch him talk about 20 years of his record label below: