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Essential Sevyn Streeter Playlist: 10 Must-Know Songs From The R&B Songstress

From the empowering anthems to the slinky sultry jams, these are the best of the singer-songwriter and lyrics. You can catch Sevyn Streeter on a new episode of 'Trivial Takedown' tonight at 11PM on Fuse!

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"Before I Do" (2016)

The Most Memorable Lyrics:
I wanna let go, but I don't really know
I heard you got a girlfriend
Say it ain't so, you ain't on the low
I don't think I could handle it

Don't forget to watch the new episode of Trivial Takedown where Sevyn Streeter goes head to head with Carly Aquilino tonight (Dec. 5) at 11PM on Fuse! But before then, watch the pair play one round of a pre-showdown below and find Fuse in your area with our channel finder.

2 / 10

"It Won't Stop" feat. Chris Brown (2013)

The Most Memorable Lyrics:
So I hop up in your ride
Ooh it's hot as hell outside
Got the top down
With the doors closed
Put your hand on my thigh
Drive slow ooh
Take your time

3 / 10

"Anything U Want" feat. Ty Dolla $ign, Wiz Khalifa & Jeremih (2017)

The Most Memorable Lyrics:
Ay, private jet, I swear
This ain't a Bow Wow challenge, I swear
Skrr, skrr, pull up like, "Yeah"
Hit the mall girl, go and get Chanel

4 / 10

"Prolly" feat. Gucci Mane (2016)

The Most Memorable Lyrics:
Snapchat be so lit yo, oh I
Feelin' bent like a limbo, oh my
Careless hands on whips, boy
Cup filled with liquor
He roll his Swisher
She owe me like Twista, oh

5 / 10

"Been a Minute" feat. August Alsina (2017)

The Most Memorable Lyrics:
Do you know it, do you think
We should try you and me again
Or should we just stay friends?
Fuck every now and then?

6 / 10

"Fallen" feat. Ty Dolla $ign & Cam Wallace (2017)

The Most Memorable Lyrics:
Something about your love that's got me staying
Something about you girl, don't know what it is
And after all you did to me, I'm steady fallen
God damn, your p-ssy sweet, it's steady callin' me
So let me get it right now

7 / 10

"How Bad Do You Want It (Oh Yeah)" (2015)

The Most Memorable Lyrics:
If the sky start falling now
And the world stop turning round (Oh yeah)
Did you give your everything?
You better give your everything
Cause if you wanna ride with me (Oh yeah)
Make me come alive, baby (Oh yeah)
Said if you wanna ride with me (Oh yeah)

8 / 10

"Sex on the Ceiling" (2013)

The Most Memorable Lyrics:
Nothing to make us burn the carpet
I need some furniture, let’s get it started
But my body is orthopedic
Victoria, give me the secret
And I’ve been saving it for you

9 / 10

"Don't Kill The Fun" feat. Chris Brown (2015)

The Most Memorable Lyrics:
Cause it ain't like you, can take it with you when you go
It's only right to make it beautiful
Let's be undeniable, don't kill the fun
If you wanna live it, gotta live it
Make tonight unforgettable, don't kill the fun
And we won't stop rocking 'til they call the cops

10 / 10

"B.A.N.S." (2013)

The Most Memorable Lyrics:
I should’ve used protection
Instead of moving so fast
But I’m a sucker for affection
Shoulda never showed you that

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