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Best of 2017

16 Times SZA Sang Exactly What We Were Thinking

The R&B starlet, who is one of Fuse's Breakout Artist of 2017, has a roster of music that everyone can relate to

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"Love Galore" (2017)

Done with these n-ggas
I don't love these n-ggas
I dust off these n-ggas
Do it for fun
Don't take it personal

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"Broken Clocks" (2017)

Been about three years since I dated you
Why you still talking 'bout me like we together?
I moved on for the better
You moved on to whoever
I was down for whatever and then some
You gon' make me late to work again

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"Pray" (2013)

Feeling like Topanga
Patty Mayonnaise
Kind of average
With queen qualities

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"Supermodel" (2017)

Maybe she can come lick you after we're done
What's done is done
I don't want nothing else to do with it
Let me tell you a secret
I been secretly banging your homeboy

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"Julia" (2014)

Funny how life is turning out
I don't have much to talk about
Don’t have much to write about
Got a shitload to cry about

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"Supermodel" (2017)

Leave me lonely for prettier women
You know I need too much attention for shit like that
You know you wrong for shit like that
I could be your supermodel if you believe

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"Love Galore" (2017)

Why you bother me when you know you don't want me?
Why you bother me when you know you got a woman? 

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"Warm Winds" (2014)

Hey glory child, don't you worry
Stuttering, shaken off your fear
Beauty's never given in a hurry

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"Doves in the Wind" (2017)

High key, your dick is weak, buddy
It's only replaced by a rubber substitute
We ain't feelin' you

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"Pretty Little Birds" (2017)

I wanna shave my legs for you
I wanna take all of my hair down and let you lay in it
Spread all of my limbs out and let you lay in it

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"Drew Barrymore" (2017)

I get so lonely, I forget what I'm worth
We get so lonely, we pretend that this works
I'm so ashamed of myself think I need therapy-y-y-y

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"Babylon" (2014)

And I can't recall the last time I took love from anyone
I called daddy, who's got one anyway? Not me

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"Go Gina" (2017)

Picking up a penny with a press-on is
Easier than holding you down

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"Garden (Say It Like Dat)" (2017)

Call me on my bullshit
Lie to me and say my booty gettin' bigger even if it ain't

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"Castles" (2013)

Feel like maturity is overrated
None of my panties match my momma hates it
I’m not into that
She just don't get it yet

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"20 Something" (2017)

Why you ain't say you was gettin' bored?
Why you ain't say I was fallin' short?
How you lead me out so far away?

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