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10 Lyrics From Camila Cabello's Debut Album That Reflect Her Ever-Growing Maturity

From heartbreak to sex appeal, 'Camila' has it all

DALLAS, TX - NOVEMBER 28:  EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NO COMMERCIAL USE:  Camila Cabello performs onstage at 106.1 KISS FM's Jingle
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After waiting months since she first delayed her debut solo album's release, Camila Cabello finally unleashed what will surely be a chart-topper, allowing her fans to see what she's been working on since she first departed Fifth Harmony, the group that made her a star.

The singer's first effort on her own, simply titled Camila, is 10 tracks of brutal honesty, which is something of a surprise coming from a woman who got her start in a girl group best known for selling typical pop fare like "Work From Home," "Worth It," and "All in My Head (Flex)," which don't cut very deep.

Whether it's singing about heartbreak (a favorite among pop singers venturing out on their own for the first time), the fake friendships that surround her, or bringing up her Hispanic heritage on a global smash, Cabello clearly took the time to think about every word on her album. She easily could have gotten away with a collection of radio-ready dance-pop anthems, but instead, the 20-year-old opted to open up to her fan base and display a level of maturity not often seen in artists this young.

This list features all the most clever and captivating lyrics from each of the 10 songs featured on Camila, which is out today. 

1 / 10

"Never Be The Same"

"Feeling all the highs, feeling all the pain"

2 / 10

"All These Years"

"Ooh, I wish I loved you like I miss you"

3 / 10

"She Loves Control"

"Say what you want
But the way she kills you makes you feel alive"

4 / 10


"And papa says he got malo in him (uh)"

5 / 10

"Inside Out"

"Look on the bright side, you're on the right side
You're with the best of the best, yeah"

6 / 10


"Loving you was sunshine, safe and sound
A steady place to let down my defenses
But loving you had consequences"

7 / 10

"Real Friends"

"No, I think I'll stay in tonight
Skip the conversations and the 'Oh, I'm fines'"

8 / 10

"Something’s Gotta Give"

"Know you're lying when you're lying next to me, next to me"

9 / 10

"In The Dark"

"I can see you're scared of your emotions
I can see you're hoping, you're not hopeless"

10 / 10

"Into It"

"Whatever trouble that you're thinking, I could get into it
I see a king-sized bed in the corner, we should get into it"

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