January 11, 2018


Fall Out Boy Are For Sale in the 'Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)' Video: Watch

With just days to go before they release their new album, Fall Out Boy has surprised fans with yet another new song from the upcoming collection, and this time, it comes with a relaxed, fun video.

“Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)” arrives just in time to keep people talking about the pop-punk outfit’s new record Mania, which drops next Friday. The song is typical FOB fare, with big guitar loops, plenty of “oohs” for millennials to love, and particularly quirky lyrics like “I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker color.”

The four Fall Out Boy guys star as the products of the day being sold on a home shopping network (a discount one, from the looks of it), and two hosts do their best to highlight the best parts of the bandmates, as well as plenty of other random items, in an effort to make a sale. If seeing Pete Wentz get hit in his...sensitive area...doesn’t make you want to call 1-833-OUT-BOYS and set up an installment plan to own one of the members, you’re too picky a shopper for this network.

It’s not clear if “Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)” is a proper single or not, but with an official video and the previous cut not performing well (at least not yet), it’s entirely possible that the bad and their label have moved on. If so, “Wilson” (named after the bloodied volleyball from the Tom Hanks movie Castaway) is the fifth official single from Mania, following “Young and Menace,” “Champion,” “The Last of the Real Ones,” and most recently, “Hold Me Tight Or Don’t.”

Before Mania arrives on Jan. 19, throw it back to 2007 when FOB was still taking pop-punk to the top of the charts.