January 19, 2018


Fall Out Boy's Albums, Ranked

#17. 'American Beauty / American Psycho'

American Beauty / American Psycho is Fall Out Boy’s worst album only because something has to go in last place. The group’s sixth full-length is still more interesting than many rock records from some of the more popular figures in the industry, but it does pale in comparison to previous releases.

There’s a lot that’s borrowed, not quite enough blue (at least for emo holdovers who love the self-deprecation that Patrick Stump sings about), plenty of new...but not enough of the old. The band wanted a hit from American Beauty / American Psycho, and they got it—“Centuries” hit the top 10, “Uma Thurman” peaked at No. 22, a single-only version of "Irresistible" featuring none other than Demi Lovato also reached the Hot 100—and while those who only know the band based on what's playing on the radio love hearing those hits, they are far from favorites for those who have stuck with FOB for over a decade.

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