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12 Fall Out Boy Lyrics to Perfectly Caption Your Emo Myspace Profile Pic

Okay, so it might be Instagram instead of Myspace these days, but these Fall Out Boy lyrics are still unbeatable

FRANCE - JULY 09:  The close - up of Rock band "Fall Out Boy" in Paris, France on July 09th, 2006.  (Photo by Jerome DOMINE/G
Jerome DOMINE/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

When Fall Out Boy first rose to prominence and became one of the biggest rock bands to break from the underground, Myspace was still in its heyday. That might sound like it was a million years back, but it really wasn't that long ago that Facebook and Twitter were still rising social media platforms, and Instagram didn't even exist yet. 

Many FOB devotees fondly remember the days when profiles could be adorned by glittering stickers, colorful text and code implanted after learning basic HTML, and of course, song lyrics galore. Fall Out Boy's early material seemed as if it was created perfectly for this use, and they have been able to churn out songs for well over a decade now that are comprised of lines that no other band could pull off, and that's why we love them.

You may or not have a Myspace any longer, but if you're on the hunt for the perfect caption for your new selfie or mirror pic, these lyrics will let everyone know just how emo you once were...or perhaps how emo you still are.

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From "Sugar We're Going Down"

Wishing to be the friction in your jeans

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From "Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner"

I'll be your best-kept secret
And your biggest mistake

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From "Tell That Mick He Just Made My List Of Things To Do Today"

Breaking hearts has never looked so cool

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From "Dead On Arrival"

I know I'm not your favorite record

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From “Saturday”

I'm good to go
And I'm going nowhere fast

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From “Centuries”

Heavy metal broke my heart

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From "I've Got a Dark Alley..."

We're the kids who feel like dead ends

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From "Hum Hallelujah"

I could write it better than you ever felt it

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From "Disloyal Order Of Water Buffaloes"

Hey editor, I'm undeniable!
Hey doctor, I'm certifiable!

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From "I Don't Care"

I don't care what you think as long as it's about me

From "I Don't Care"

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From "Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)"

I'll stop wearing black when they make a darker color

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From "I've Got a Dark Alley..."

And I want to be known for my hits, not just my misses
I took a shot and didn't even come close


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