February 1, 2018


Join Our 2018 Future Black History Month Celebration

This year marks both the 92nd anniversary of the first Black History Week and the official 42nd anniversary of its expansion to Black History Month. But Fuse is taking the celebration a step further and deservingly making Black History Month an even bigger deal.

We celebrate here at Fuse in a special way: by looking forward. Over the next 28 days, we'll be highlighting future black history. We're looking beyond the obvious, established superstars whose names already in the books to showcase some of the world's most hugely talented people on the rise and innovating pop culture right now. These are brilliant black musicians—both known and rising—actors, filmmakers, writers, creators and others. Some are very young and just getting started while others have just hit their stride, but they'll all be making awesome, inspired, influential art for many years to come. We call it Future Black History.

Join us for the next 30 days by looking into the future, now and come back to Fuse.tv every day through February 28 as we serve exclusive video interviews, in-depth cultural explorations and more. Then tune in to Fuse and our sister channel FM for our Future Black History music block airing Friday, Feb. 2 at 10PM ET / 7PM PT on FM, and on Feb. 9 at 9AM ET/PT on Fuse. Find Fuse in your area with our Channel Finder.

Join the conversation with #FutureHistory and below watch Kyle explain why he aims to defy expectations to create Future Black History. 

-Jeff Benjamin
Editorial Director, Fuse