January 30, 2018


Is Fifth Harmony's Lauren Jauregui Going Solo? Here's the Evidence and Why it Makes Sense

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for iHeartMedia
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Now that Camila Cabello’s solo career has gone exceptionally well just one year after she left Fifth Harmony, the other members are surely looking into the future and considering their options. A report that came out earlier this week claims that at least one other member has already taken steps to make solo superstardom a reality, but is it true?

Billboard published a list of items overheard at various GRAMMY parties throughout NYC on Sunday evening, and in between executives being thrilled that Alessia Cara collected Best New Artist and lamenting Kendrick Lamar’s big four shutout, there was a claim that Lauren Jauregui from Fifth Harmony has signed a solo deal with Columbia Records, making the switch from Epic Records, which is where the band is currently signed.

As if the idea of another Fifth Harmony singer splitting from the quartet wasn’t exciting and angst-inducing enough, Billboard has since deleted the item from the story entirely, though the internet remembers it being included. Screenshots of the story have been circulating on Twitter for well over a day, and a quick Google search shows that the star’s name was at first included in the piece.

A representative for the magazine did not respond to a request for comment from someone at Billboard about why the mention of Jauregui was removed from the piece.

While the initial report may be gone, the suggestion that she’s on her way to a solo deal makes plenty of sense, as all four singers have absolutely at least started questioning how long their successful run will last. In a recent interview with Forbes (conducted by this writer), Jauregui admitted that the four vocalists have had frank conversations with one another about their solo ambitions, but that doesn’t mean they’re done with the collective that made them all stars.

It makes sense that Jauregui wouldn’t be signed to the same label as former bandmate Cabello, as it’s easy to imagine resources being strained in supporting the two. At some point, one would receive better treatment, and it’s possible she’ll get a better deal and better access to producers, potential hit songs, and promotional budgets at a label where she’s the only 5H member.

If she has signed up with Columbia Records, it will potentially be a while before the label announces anything, and there could be legal entanglements that keep her with Fifth Harmony for a little while before she’s allowed to flourish as a solo star.

She has already tested the waters of releasing music under her own name with collaborations with stars like Halsey and  Steve Aoki, and now with this latest report, fans should probably prepare themselves to discover what Jauregui sounds like when she’s all alone on a track.

Before she vacates her slot in Fifth Harmony, watch Lauren and the crew talk about their debut album Reflection.