January 10, 2018


Jack White Releases Soulful New Single and Video 'Connected By Love': Watch

The messages Jack White tries to express through his music aren’t always clear upon a first play, but with his just-released single, there is no question about what the decorated musician wants the listener to take away.

“Connected By Love” is immediately about being connected to other people, though there’s a side of the track that focuses on heartbreak, contrasting with the seemingly uplifting, feel-good sense the music and title seem to suggest.

The track is standard rock fare backed by soulful female vocals, which bolster the tune and take it to heights it couldn’t have reached on its own. While some of White’s material can be a bit too obscure and alternative to reach the masses, “Connected” feels like the sort of song most people can enjoy, and the message certainly helps with that.

The Nashville-based rock icon released a video (and a B-side entitled “Respect Commander,” which is something only White would do these days) to accompany his new single, and it’s one of his best, both visually and in terms of storytelling.

The clip features several different instances of difficult love, from a mother and her son who is involved in illegal activities to a woman caring for her elderly family member, White shows that everybody in the world (which also happens to be seemingly coming to an end thanks to a planet-sized approaching object, for some reason) is connected by this one commitment and emotion.

“Connected By Love” serves as the first proper single off White’s upcoming third album Boarding House Reach. The record doesn't yet have a release date, but it is one of the most highly anticipated of 2018, and for longtime fans of White and his material, this new track has likely only upped their excitement.

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