January 25, 2018


Justin Timberlake Finally Picks up a Guitar for New Single 'Say Something': Listen

As Justin Timberlake’s album Man of the Woods approaches its release date, the pop singer is being generous with his new music, sharing one song and video right after another. Today, he gifted his fans with “Say Something,” which sees him going in a very different direction compared to his recent output.

Timberlake’s latest track features him finally picking up a guitar and singing his heart out, which has been missing from everything he’s shared thus far. When the GRAMMY winner first began teasing Man of the Woods, it seemed as if he was ready to go all backwoods and country, but that turned out to be very much not the case. Fans were nervous about the potential shift in style, but one listen to “Say Something” should dispel anyone’s fears.

A collaboration with country superstar Chris Stapleton, “Say Something” is a powerful, moving piece of music that sees Timberlake embracing his flaws and admitting that sometimes he should just shut up. The song perfectly blends the sounds of acoustic guitars and “real instruments” with a handful of electronic pop elements, which JT has been associated with throughout the bulk of his working life.

The video featuring the two musicians perfectly fits the tone of the song, and it doesn’t need special effects to make an impact. The camera follows both artists as they move around a stunning old building in a one-take that gradually shows off both the size and scope of a structure and the song at the same time. It all seems so simple, yet grand, and the understated class and authenticity the building (which ends up being the real star of the show) brings to the production is what has been missing from Man of the Woods.

“Say Something” is the third song to be released off of JT’s upcoming fifth solo album, which is due on February 2. He started this new era of his career with the robotically-inclined “Filthy,” which was met with mixed reactions. A week ago, he shared “Supplies,” which came with a massive video that saw the singer attempting to convey an important message, but falling flat.

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