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Migos' 'Culture II': The 8 Dopest Songs That Are Actually Worth Listening To

There's a handful of gems found within this 24-track album

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It's always a great day whenever Migos blesses us with new music, and the rap trio has released their third album—Culture II—today (Jan. 26). In the midst of the Migos overload, the guys decided to overwhelm us even more with a whopping 24 tracks. Prior to the album's release, we rounded up all the things that would make this anticipated project great...but they did not live up to those expectations.

Still, there are a handful of songs from Culture II that are actually worth your time. So we at Fuse took it upon ourselves to weed out all the heat that showcases everything we love about Migos. Click through to find out which tracks made the cut!

1 / 8


With a name like "Narcos," I was expecting a South American-inspired beat. But it was a welcomed surprise hearing the slight reggae influences courtesy of DJ Durel and Quavo. The vibe is enticing and finds Migos finally trying out a different style. Takeoff completely owns the song with his unforgettable verse: "Kill his whole family if he run off with your package (brr) / I just put a pack on the way to Bogota (pack) / Poke his eyes out, ain't no tellin' what he saw (poke 'em out)." If the production pair went harder with the Caribbean themes, this track could've been even more of a stunner.

2 / 8

"BBO (Bad Bitches Only)"

The two best things about "BBO" are quite obvious: 21 Savage and Kanye West. 21 takes over the track with his gritty and laidback flow surprisingly pairs well with the grandeur production that is the complete opposite of his style. But it works! And we have Yeezy to thank for that, who injected his signature production into the song.

3 / 8

"Walk It Talk It" feat. Drake

Cue the Marshawn Lynch "You know why I'm here" meme! The only reason why "Walk It Talk It" made the list is because of the Drake feature. Quavo's hook is quite grating and very repetitive, but the 6 God swoops in to save the track with his succint but impactful guest verse. This slick self-referential line—"We been brothers since Versace bando, whoa / Name ringing like a Migo trap phone, whoa"—is the best part. Honestly, Drake should've just kept this beat for himself!

4 / 8

"CC" feat. Gucci Mane

Okay, so you might think this song is average upon first listen. But fast forward to the very end and you'll hear the magic courtesy of Takeoff. The most talented Migo swoops in with a dope verse that is as smooth as the diamonds in his chain. His presence alone carries "CC."

5 / 8

"Stir Fry"

"Stir Fry" sounds like nothing else we've heard Migos do thus far, which is what their career has been missing. The guys often sound their best when they're backed up a beat that doesn't dig too deep into hip-hop. Pharrell provided the funky production that is—get this—nearly a decade old. "And he had, like, three or four beats, but the pack was from 2008, like, the old hard drive. He had the old pack. He said he was waiting on this moment. The genie way," Quavo recently said in a Beats 1 radio interview. 

6 / 8

"Gang Gang"

Speaking of different beats, this one finds the Migos exploring some island-tinged territory. The mellow, beach-ready melodies of "Gang Gang" is different for them and sounds a bit romantic. It also sounds like something Drake would've used for More Life, but that's besides the point.

7 / 8

"White Sand" feat. Travis Scott, Ty Dolla $ign & Big Sean

"White Sand" is a standout off Culture II strictly due to its features. Quavo, Takeoff and Offset take backseat on this one as Travis Scott, Ty Dolla $ign and Big Sean carry the weight of the song. The latter two artists don't get enough shine, and I almost wish they had "White Sand" to themselves without Migos.

8 / 8

"MotorSport" feat. Cardi B & Nicki Minaj

"MotorSport" was a given on this list, as the song as gained immense traction since its release last October. The guys bode well on the track (which is currently at No. 10 on the Billboard Hot 100), but it's the ladies who have made it become a hit. From Cardi B's fast-paced and witty verse to Nicki Minaj's slick-talking lyrics, these two female rappers picked up the steam the song was running out of.

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