January 26, 2018


Migos' 'Culture II': The 8 Dopest Songs That Are Actually Worth Listening To

Quality Control Music/Motown/Capitol Records
Quality Control Music/Motown/Capitol Records

It's always a great day whenever Migos blesses us with new music, and the rap trio has released their third album—Culture II—today (Jan. 26). In the midst of the Migos overload, the guys decided to overwhelm us even more with a whopping 24 tracks. Prior to the album's release, we rounded up all the things that would make this anticipated project great...but they did not live up to those expectations.

Still, there are a handful of songs from Culture II that are actually worth your time. So we at Fuse took it upon ourselves to weed out all the heat that showcases everything we love about Migos. Click through to find out which tracks made the cut!

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