January 31, 2018


Rose McGowan Is the Latest to Slam Justin Timberlake Over 'Fake' Time's Up Support

Rose McGowan is one of the main fighters in the #MeToo movement and she is using her celebrity platform to take down Hollywood men who are allegedly sexual predators. Most recently, the actress called out Justin Timberlake for his hypocrisy with supporting Time's Up.

During her appearance on The View, McGowan explained why she slammed those who wore black at the Golden Globes. “The thing is, the intentions are good, but I know the people behind it. You know, it’s four CIA agents who needed good PR. And I hope that they desperately help these women." She continued, "There’s Justin Timberlake hashtagging ‘My wife looks hot tonight,’ hashtag Time’s Up, hashtag I just did a movie with Woody Allen."

"Come on, it is fake. I wish everybody were good. I’m sorry to puncture your heroes but sometimes these heroes need to be better," McGowan said. She also weighed in on the issue in a previous E! News interview, saying “Collectively it felt really wrong. When I tweeted about it, people think I’m sitting there in a rage, ‘Grrr.’ I was crying. I know that town, I know these people, I know what they do. I know what they were saying at that black dress meeting.”

Her statement is valid, as Timberlake still hasn't explained why he chose to star in Woody Allen's film, Wonder Wheel. The director's sexual assault allegations have been rumbling through Hollywood for years without any repercussions, but many (including the singer) have not yet spoken out. So Timberlake wearing a Time's Up pin at this year's Golden Globes seemed disingenuous. 

Last week, Dylan Farrow—Allen's adoptive daughter—also slammed Timberlake's hypocrisy. "The saying means, for example, you can’t support #TIMESUP and praise sexual predators at the same time," she said in response to one of the singer's jokey tweet. "You can’t retain your credibility as an activist (i.e. - retain the cake) and, at the same time, praise a sexual predator (i.e. - eating the cake)." With more women taking calls to action about giving a voice to victims, it is only a matter of time until Timberlake and other men who choose to be silent are forced to stand up and explain themselves.

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