January 12, 2018


Ed Sheeran and Future Join Taylor Swift For a Worldwide Party in Her 'End Game' Video: Watch

Having fully embraced pop as her new genre of choice and succeeded by doing so,  Taylor Swift is now having a great time enjoying her fame and fortune, and she’s more than happy to show that off in her new video.

“End Game” doesn’t rely on blockbuster production values and special effects like recent release “Look What You Made Me Do,” and instead, Swift cuts loose and relaxes with her famous co-stars and some unnamed friends (who aren't members of her famous "squad" which seems to have been disbanded). She and Ed Sheeran and  Future travel the world looking for the best party, and whether that’s in Miami, Tokyo, or London is hard to tell from what we can see.

Swift takes shots in a karaoke bar in Japan, dances on a yacht, and struts her stuff down the Millennium Bridge in London, alternating between showing off the sweet smile and laugh that endeared her to millions of Americans a decade ago and the sultry, semi-sexy disaffectedness that has defined her latest era.

“End Game” is the third proper single to be released from her most recent album Reputation, which took over the world late last year. The song is the latest to receive an official video, and it sees the pop singer teaming up frequent collaborator and super-director Joseph Khan yet again. With the launch of this party-heavy clip, "End Game" could quickly rise on the charts and become another smash hit for the former country singer, especially with names like Ed Sheeran and Future attached.

Swift has a videography that would make most musicians green with envy, and she’s known for playing out elaborate storylines in her visual treatments. “Blank Space” showed her going crazy over a man who has a wandering eye, “Wildest Dreams” threw things back to a movie set in Africa (for better or worse), and “Bad Blood” was so explosive and action-packed, it won her a  GRAMMY.

Changing things up and just cutting loose was a smart decision on Swift’s part, as the video looks and feels like the type of treatment any other pop star might release, and that might help it bring in a wide audience and propel the notion that she really has put country in her past. Is it the most inventive and clever thing she's ever released? No, but this is pop music, and sometimes it's just about having the most fun.

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